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Botanical Gardens Napier

Napier’s Botanical Gardens are an 18 acre floral oasis in the heart of the city. Located at 19 Spencer Rd, Hospital Hill, only 20 minutes walk from Swiss-Belboutique Napier.

At the lower end of the park there is a small aviary, duck pond and the remnants of two historic wells which were used over 100 years ago to help water and maintain the site.

Several walking tracks wind through lush plantings up to the top end of the gardens – which are adjacent to the old Napier Cemetery and provide a solemn but fascinating insight into the history of those who once inhabited the township. If you’re keen on a taking in a little more history, nip across to the MTG Museum down the road where you’ll find information on the rich history of the Gardens and the town itself.

Botanical Gardens Napier
Swiss-Belboutique Napier