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Sydney is the perfect destination for everyone – singles, couples or families. Whatever time or season of the year, Sydney offers a mind-boggling choice when it comes to shopping, dining, clubbing and tourist attractions. Indulge in the finest cuisine at some of the world's best restaurants or go on a shopping frenzy at the numerous weekend markets for uniquely Australian finds. Or better yet, chill out at Bondi and soak in the beach culture, or climb the world-renowned icon – the Sydney Harbor Bridge—for a thrilling of an adventure.

There’s definitely much more to Sydney than just the city hub. Due to its close proximity to surrounding regions of the Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens – each with its own unique character and charm—you can enjoy the best of both city and country life simply by hopping into a car for a fulfilling self-drive experience, or travelling on the convenient trains, buses and ferries or sign up for an eco-tour.

With the harbour as the focal point of the city, Sydney’s beaches, coves, bays and waterside parks offer welcome release from the rigors of urban life. Criss-crossed by ferries and carpeted by yachts on weekends, it is both the city’s playground and a major port. The string of ocean beaches on the north and south shores offer dramatic cliff scenery, great waves and a close-up of Aussie beach culture at its best.

It is no wonder that Sydney has been voted "World's Best City" for the record ninth time by leading US travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler!