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Create an exquisite dining experience at Swiss-Belhotel Silae Palu. Relax over the ultimate bay front dining experience, feel the sea breeze in your hair as you savor a sumptuous selection of Local Delicacy, Asian Culinary and locally-sourced meats.

Dine al fresco in Swiss Cafe, a signature restaurant which combines local cuisine and International Dishes to create exciting, delicious dishes, served in cool dining space or at an al fresco table ambience. Discover a perfect interpretation of Authentic Japanese cuisine with an international influence at Corner 9 and Lobby Lounge. Seaside Terrace concocts exotic cocktails, juices and smoothies, overlooking the dazzling blues of the Palu Bay. Our Lobby Lounge offers another excursion into relaxed wining and dining, with gourmet coffees, creative cocktails and sumptuous dessert.