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Do you offer a driver service?

Yes we have very professional driver who can drive for you,

Do you offer pet sitter service?

Yes our front office can look after your pet during your stay in hotel.

Does the hotel offer any traditional Wuxi food?

Yes the Xiang Chinese Restaurant on 2F, Building1 provides you with authentic local food and Huaiyang food. Our executive chef always updates our menu with new dishes.

Do you offer a fitness centre?

Yes we have a gymnasium, foot massage service, Spa, hair salon and chess room for you.

How far is the hotel from train station?

The hotel is 7km from the train station. If you require a train station transfer, we could book this for you.

How far is the hotel from downtown?

Downtown is around 6km from hotel. If you require a taxi, our concierge can arrange this for you.

How far is the hotel from the nearest shopping mall?

The nearest is Wanda Shopping Mall it is only 2km from hotel.

How far is the hotel from the nearest scenic spot?

The nearest scenic spot is Turtle Head Isle which is only 3km from the hotel. Our front office can offer a special ticket rate for most scenic spots in Wuxi.


What time does your restaurant open for breakfast?

6:30am-10:00am everyday in the Swiss-Café on 1F, Building 2.

Do you offer airport transfers?

The hotel is 20km from Wuxi Airport which is 30 minutes drive by car. If you require an airport transfer, we can book this for you. Cost depends on the size of car you require and the number of passengers.

Showing 1 to 10 out of 10 results found