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Shopping is a big draw in Doha, which boasts several large malls selling all sorts of goods with international branding. Feel free to indulge yourself, as this is all tax-free! Epicures will also find themselves satisfied with the many great resturants and cafes in Doha. With a range of international and local cuisines, there is surely something for every taste.
Sightseers will be spoilt for choice, in between Doha’s many mosques, museums and its old fort.  Future attractions to look forward to include an Islamic Museum and a Cultural Village. The Corniche is a must see, with its many buildings and its famous "curly" mosque (a mosque with a beautiful spinning minaret). The Education City is also of interest, as it contains several world-famous universities such as Weil Cornell Medical School and Georgetown School of Foreign Services, to name a few.
And for the party animals, Doha’s nightlife includes several clubs in Doha which are fantastic for a great night out. Large organised parties are also monthly events in Doha, with several worldwide DJs coming to Doha for all sorts of parties.
There is an excellent public transport service in Doha known as Mowasalat, with "Karwa" taxis available in all parts of Doha.
Visit visas are granted to the majority of nationalities and applications are processed by the hotel with nominal charges.
The local language is Arabic; however English is widely used and spoken.
Qatar Riyal (QR) 1.00, 5.00, 10.00,
50.00, 100.00, 500.00 denomination and coins in the denomination of
November to February ranging from
15 C to 20 C. March and April ranging from 20 C to 35 C. May to October temperature rising up to 48 C.