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Of our hotel owners are the first time hotel developers
The table below outlines the key difference in the method of support provided by SBI under a management and franchise relationship.
Management Franchise Manchise
Operational Support
Operational Responsibility Operator Franchisee (Owner) Swiss-Belhotel International provides a unique opportunity for Owners to make the best of both Management and Franchise services, while enjoying the International Brand for their hospitality asset.

Manchise services are a mix of Management and Franchise where Swiss-Belhotel International will provide Management services for the first 5 years of the contract. The property will be converted to Franchise from 6th year onwards.
Staff Employer Owner Franchisee
Staff Supervision and Management Operator Franchisee
General Manager Owner's Employee reports directly to Operator Owner's employee with option for Owner to second a Manager for the Operator under a Manchise* option
Branding & Communication Managed by the Operator Franchisee as per Franchisor Brand Standards ('2' mandatory Branding Audits conducted by Franchisor)
Loyalty Program Managed by the Operator Franchisee as per Franchisor Program Standards
Sales & Marketing Managed by the Operator Connectivity of systems and support services of worldwide offices (Additional S&M services 'Optional')
Ecommerce & Revenue Management Managed by the Operator Connectivity of systems and 'Optional' support services
Business Reviews Monthly meetings and annual business plan process Optional
Hotel Operations Managed by the Operator Franchisee as per Franchisor Operational Standards ('1' mandatory Operational Audits conducted by Franchisor)
Primary SBI Contact S.V.P. Operations & Development S.V.P. Operations & Development
Commercial Terms & Access to Benefits
Groups Benefits & Services Charge Optional
Sales & Marketing Fee NA Optional
Incentive Management Fee NA
License & Trade Mark Fee NA
System Entry Fee NA
Franchise Fee NA
Reservation Charge
SBI Executive Card
Technical Services
Grand Swiss-Belhotel
Grand Swiss-Belresort
Zest Hotel Plus
Zest Hotel
Zest Hotel OK