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Jakarta is the centre of the government, commerce and industry and is privileged to have an extensive communications network with the rest of the country and the world.
Jakarta is a densely-populated metropolis with over 10 million people. It is a modern city with nice roads, buildings, parks and museums. The hub of the city is the Golden Triangle, formed by Jalan Jendral Sudirman.
 - Jalan Thamrin is home to most of Jakarta's big hotels as well as shopping centre.
 - North Jakarta is a leafy, wealthy residential area, including Pantai indah kapuk with its massive shopping complex and the  trendy area, with lots of restaurants and bars.
 - Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in the East Jakarta, it is a miniature of Indonesia
 - National Monument, surrounded by a cluster of government offices.
 - Gambir Train Station and the Presidential Palace
 - Glodok which is the Chinatown area can be found here.
 - Kota (literally meaning 'city') is the home of the city's best colonial architecture, particularly at Taman Fatahillah on Jalan Pintu Besar
 - Ancol Amusement Park, with Sea World for the kids
 - Kepulauan Seribu

The best time to visit Jakarta is June through September, when the weather is at its best!