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9 Must Have Business Travel Accessories

Besides packing the essentials like clothing, your wallet, phone and passport, what else do you need for your business trip? There are so many things you might not even think about taking with you. How will you pass the time on your long flight? How will you power your laptop or tablet while you’re away? Or how are you going to look presentable for the meeting you have to attend immediately after landing from your 12 hour flight?

The best way to ensure your business trip runs as smoothly as possible is good preparation. Here are the top nine business travel accessories that can help get your through your next trip, hassle free.

1. Tablet device

It’s likely you’ll want to travel light to avoid lugging heavy baggage around. Because of this, you might choose to only take your tablet device, and leave the bulky laptop back home. Your tablet is going to be your best friend while travelling for business. More compact than a laptop, it takes up limited space in your carry-on baggage and allows you to send emails, take notes, use the internet, and download any apps and documents you might need for work.

However, if you’re only using a tablet you’re going to need a tablet keyboard. Many tablet keyboards are powered by Bluetooth, so you won’t need to pack any extra cords and it will make doing work while on the plane a lot easier.

You can also invest in a protective case to prevent your tablet from being damaged while on the road. Targus has a range of stylish cases for iPads, to help protect your tablet from scratches and bumps.

2. Noise-cancelling headphones

Whether you want to spend your flight time getting some rest, or you need to get some work done, noise-cancelling headphones are essential. You never know who you’ll be seated next to on your flight, so it’s better to have the option to drown out the noise if necessary. As there are so many choices on the market it’ll come down to personal taste, however, these QuietComfort headphones from Bose are a popular choice for travel. The headphones employ acoustic noise cancelling technology, which compares and reacts to outside noises and cancels them with the opposite signal.

If you want something less bulky and easier to carry around, there are plenty of in-ear headphones available too. If you find lots of visual distractions keeping you awake too, consider getting yourself a good eye mask to block out any light from surrounding seat screens.

3. Privacy screen

If you’re working on the plane, you probably don’t want the person next to you looking over your shoulder, watching what you’re working on. A privacy screen will narrow the viewing angle so the screen is only visible when viewing it from directly front on. To anyone looking from the side, the screen will be dark and unclear, allowing you to work comfortably and confidentially, knowing your on-screen data is protected. Targus has a selection of privacy screens in different sizes from 9.7 to 27 inches, so you can fit it to your tablet, laptop, or monitor back in the office.

4. A kindle

Can’t sleep? Pass the time with a bit of reading on your Kindle. You probably won’t have the space in your bag to pack a few books, so the benefit of a Kindle is you can carry hundreds of books with you anywhere you go. The Paperwhite is a step up from the standard Kindle, featuring a higher resolution screen and built in backlights, making it easier on your eyes, particularly in a dark plane cabin.

5. Skin care products

Travelling by air can make you extremely dehydrated. Even if you’re drinking plenty of water, your skin is likely to dry out over the course of the trip, leaving you looking tired and weary when you land. If you have to be somewhere as soon as you land, you’ll want to incorporate some of these skin products into your carry on luggage, to keep you looking fresh and prepared for your meetings.

These Cleanse by Lauren Napier Facial Wipes come in individually wrapped packets, meaning they are kept moist and you don’t have to carry around a giant pack of 20. The wipes exfoliate, hydrate and balance oil levels in your skin so your face will be fresh and glowing when you land. You should also invest in some lip balm to avoid dry and cracked lips, as well as a good quality hand moisturiser.

6. External power source or battery case

It can sometimes be hard to find power points while travelling, so consider using an external power source to keep your devices charged. A pocket-sized power source would be ideal for travelling as you can carry it easily in your bag, or jacket pocket to save space. Alternatively, if you don’t have room for an external power source, you can purchase a battery case for your phone. Apple have Smart Battery Cases for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 which offer even longer battery life (up to 26 hours talk time) and great protection for your phone.

7. Portable hard drive

Another difficulty when travelling is having access to printers. Saving documents onto a portable hard drive means you can plug it into any computer and print your work. You can also get hard drives with large storage space so you can take all the important documents you need with you while you’re away, which is particularly useful if you’re only bringing your tablet.

8. Portable hotspot

Hotel WiFi may be the only internet you have access to while you’re overseas, and even still may be too slow or expensive to use. Portable hotspots mean you can access the internet anywhere, at any time without worry. So if you need to shoot of an email while waiting for the plane to take off or in a taxi travelling to your hotel, you’ll have nothing to worry about. The HooToo TripMate Elite Wireless Travel Router gives you a safe browsing experience and has two USB ports that allow you to charge your devices as well.

9. Streaming stick

In addition to business, while you’re travelling for work you need some down time to recharge and recover from jet lag. A streaming stick is perfect for your relaxation time as it allows you to watch YouTube videos and stream your favourite television programs. This one from Roku is compact so perfect for travelling and can be powered by the USB port of your hotel television.

Travel easy with some of these accessories

Whether it’s a short trip interstate or a 14 hour international flight, these accessories help keep you powered up, connected and organised. Make your next business trip productive and stress-free by investing in some great travel accessories.

9 Must Have Business Travel Accessories