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Swiss Belhotel International follows the Safe Travels Global Protocols of WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council) We have implemented health and hygiene measures to reassure travellers of a renewed focus on guest wellbeing in the wake of COVID-19 (coronavirus). The company has placed 10 additional Health and Safety commitment steps which have been created by the senior executive team and the health & safety committee, to build on existing health and safety regimens. The additional commitments are additional to the companies already extensive Health and Safety internal audits based on a series of rigid brand guidelines. The guidelines are fully compliant with several expert advisories, including Diversey and Ecolab.

As part of the new 10 commitments of Health and Safety, hotels implement enhanced levels of sanitation and use of disinfectants against COVID-19 and other bacteria throughout all public areas, including lobbies, reception, restaurants, bars, conference rooms, fitness centres, pool areas, and guestrooms. Enhanced hygiene measures and guidelines l also include back-of-house operations.

  1. WE apply the Swiss-Belhotel International greeting sign when meeting guests and visitors, replacing the handshake greeting.
  1. WE prepare dispensers of sanitizer hand-rub conveniently located in our hotel entrance, lobby, elevators, reception, restaurant, and meeting rooms.
  1. WE supply proper covered receptacles for used tissue paper disposal and surgical masks when in need to follow correct respiratory control measures.
  1. WE implement specific preventive measures against communicable diseases: cleaning of the rooms to a high standard of hygiene: disinfecting frequently touched areas such as escalator handrails, elevator control panels, and door knobs several times per day. Washing hands after undertaking cleaning activities and spraying and fumigating areas regularly.
  1. WE provide public washrooms equipped with liquid soap and paper towels. Floor drain outlets are cleaned regularly to prevent putrid air and insects in the soil pipes from entering the premises.
  1. WE have available Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for protection against infectious materials including surgical masks and hand gloves, worn by our employees in case of a suspected outbreak of communicable disease in our hotel. WE observe strict procedures on handling of spillage including usage of gloves and masks and appropriate materials and disinfectant chemicals.
  1. WE follow strict linen management procedures in handling used and clean linen including the packing, laundering and delivery.
  1. WE comply with International standards in maintaining all mechanical ventilation systems following proper inspection, cleaning, testing and maintenance schedules.
  1. WE prevent foodborne diseases in Food and Beverage, Kitchen and Receiving areas by having clean premises, sanitized kitchen utensils, hand washing facility, purchasing food from reliable sources, wearing clean washable aprons and caps, handling and storing raw and cooked food separately at the correct temperature.
  1. WE maintain specific hygiene measures in our facilities. Pool water is tested 3 times per day, fitness center disinfected several times per day and hand sanitizer, equipment disinfectant and paper towels supplied.


Gavin M. Faull
Chairman and President
Swiss-Belhotel International
Zest Hotels International