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Q : Do you have laundry services? Could the laundry be returned to our room at same day?

A : Yes we have laundry services. Laundry can be delivered to your room at same day as long as the laundry is taken before 09:00 AM in the morning

Q : Do you have kids pool?

A : Yes we have kids pool

Q : Do you have western dishes in your menu?

A : Yes, we do have western dishes

Q : Is there any Harbour/ port in Sorong?

A : Yes in sorong we have harbour/ port and it’s very close to the Hotel (10-15 minutes)

Q : How Long it takes from/ to Airport?

A : It takes only 10 minutes from/ to airport

Q : Do you accept credit card for payment?

A : Yes, we do accept Visa and Master card either Debit or Credit card

Q : Do you have storage room for storing our stuff?

A : Yes, we have storage room

Q : Do you have shuttle service from/ to airport?

A : Pick up or drop off services will be based on request and it will cost you with competitive price

Q : When is the check in time?

A : Our normal check in time Is at 14:00 local time

Q : When is the check out time?

A :  Our check out time is at noon

Q : Does your restaurant open longer every Saturday and Sunday?

A : Yes, restaurant will be open until 11:00 AM for Breakfast

Q : What time is the breakfast served in your restaurant?

A: Our breakfast time is started at 5.00 till 10:00 AM

Q : Do you have Wi-fi internet accsess?

A : Yes, We have and it’s free of charge (no hidden fee)

Q : Do you have no Smoking floor?

A : Yes, It’s located on the 2nd & 3rd floor

Showing 1 to 14 out of 14 results found