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Klebang Beach

Klebang Beach are great for relaxing and unwind in the presence of nature. Surrounded by shady trees, Klebang Beach is the epitome of tranquillity as you sit back and enjoy the calming ambience or bask in the glorious sun when you lounge by the beach. For added comfort, chairs and tables are also available for rent here.

The ideal time to visit the beach is closer to sunset, where you will get to enjoy the glorious reflections of the setting sun upon the shimmering waters. Be sure to get your cameras ready to capture the perfect sunset while you are here.

There are endless food stalls that line the beaches from Melaka’s famous kuih keria to a refreshing cup of coconut shake and many more, these stalls definitely have something for everyone to suit every craving. As you step into the area, you will be greeted by the glorious aromas of street-side snacks being freshly prepared by the locals.

There are also multiple activities that are available at Pantai Klebang for a dose of excitement. Give horseback riding a go as you trot along the sandy beach or test your skills by riding ATV bikes around the area. There are also vendors selling kites and bubbles to keep your little ones entertained.

Location: Klebang (± 9.1 km from Grand Swiss-Belhotel Melaka or approximately 16 minutes driving)
Klebang Beach
Grand Swiss-Belhotel Melaka <br>(formerly LaCrista Hotel)Klebang Beach
Grand Swiss-Belhotel Melaka <br>(formerly LaCrista Hotel)