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Harmony Streets

Kampung Hulu Mosque is a mosque situated at Kampong Hulu Village in Malacca City, Malacca, Malaysia. It is the oldest mosque in Malacca and among the oldest in the country, having originally built around the year 1720–1728 and underwent renovation in 1892. The architectural design of the mosque is a cross between Javanese Architecture, Local Malay, Sumateran, and Sini. The minaret, ablution pool and entrance arch were built at the same time with the main building. The minaret resembles a pagoda with the style of "Balai Nobat Melayu". An ancient cemetery lies next to the mosque in where some notable preachers and missionaries are buried.

Kampung Kling Mosque is an old mosque in Malacca City, Malacca, Malaysia. It is situated at Jalan Tukang Emas (Goldsmith Street), also known as "Harmony Street" because of its proximity to the Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple and Cheng Hoon Teng Temple.The original structure built by Indian Muslim traders in 1748 was a wooden building and in 1872, it was rebuilt with bricks. The mosque is one of the traditional mosques in Malacca, which still retains its original design. The architectural design of the mosque is a cross between Sumatran, Chinese, Hindu, and the local Malays.

The temple is situated close to Jalan Tukang Emas, also known as "Harmony Street" because of its proximity to the Kampung Kling Mosque and Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple, covering an area of 4,600 m2. Featuring a magnificent main gate along Jalan Tokong, the temple consists of a complex of several prayer halls with a large main prayer hall dedicated to the goddess of mercy, Guan Yin. Additional smaller prayer quarters were added later. One of these is dedicated to the Chinese deities of wealth, longevity and propagation, while another dedicated to ancestral tablets. One of the main features of the temple is the seven-metre red flag-pole facing the left wing of the main prayer hall, which houses the remains of two of the three Kapitans who contributed to the construction of the temple. Across the road is a traditional opera theatre which forms a part of the temple complex. The building conforms to the principles of feng shui where the complex is laid out to ensure a view of the river and high ground on either side.

Location: Banda Hilir (± 2.7 km from Grand Swiss-Belhotel Melaka or approximately 9 minutes driving)
Harmony Streets
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