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The Dragon Boat Festival: A Celebration of Culture and Unity

The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates the ancient Chinese poet and minister Qu Yuan. Disheartened by government corruption, Qu Yuan committed suicide by jumping into the Miluo River. Fishermen raced to save him, beating drums and throwing rice dumplings into the water to keep fish and evil spirits away. This tradition evolved into today’s Dragon Boat Festival, featuring dragon boat races and making zongzi (sticky rice dumplings).

Dragon Boat Races
The highlight of the festival is the dragon boat races. These races attract teams from around the world. Colorful dragon boats, crewed by rowers, drummers, and steerers, race through the water, showcasing strength, teamwork, and spirit. Spectators gather along the rivers to watch and cheer for their favorite teams. The sound of drums, synchronized rowing, and the sight of speeding dragon boats create a thrilling and festive atmosphere.

Cultural Performances and Activities
The festival also features cultural performances and activities. Traditional lion and dragon dances, music shows, and martial arts demonstrations add to the vibrancy, entertaining and educating attendees about Chinese traditions. Workshops on making zongzi, calligraphy, and Chinese knotting offer hands-on experiences, allowing people to learn and appreciate the culture.

A Festival for Everyone
The Dragon Boat Festival highlights Malaysia’s multicultural spirit, fostering unity, understanding, and respect among its diverse communities. Whether you are a local or a visitor, the festival provides a special opportunity to experience Malaysian culture. Join the celebrations, cheer for the dragon boat racers, savor the delicious food, and partake in the rich traditions that make this festival a highlight in Malaysia.

The Dragon Boat Festival: A Celebration of Culture and Unity
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