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Factory Outlet in Bandung

If you are looking for high quality, fashionable, and affordable apparel factory outlets, Bandung is the city!

1. Rumah Mode
Address: Jalan Setiabudhi 41F

One of a unique factory outlet in Bandung. The building carry on traditional and homey feeling with the spacious park and fountain. After tired of shopping, you can also relaxing in the cafes provided on the shopping complex.

Rumah Mode carry on "one stop shopping" concept, which means you can fullfil your fashion needs in one place. They offers clothes, bag, shoes from well-known brand such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren with an affordable price because these branded goods were export odds.

2. The Secret
Address: Jalan R.E. Martadinata No. 47

Visitors are curious with the black painted building of The Secret. This factory outlet is always crowded because you can also find branded goods with a good price!

3. Heritage
Address: Jalan Riau No. 63

Fit with the name, this factory outlet building is very antique and just like an old colonial buildings with their big pillars around the building. But don't worry, you will find brand new apparel here.

4. The Summit
Address: Jalan Riau No. 61

The Summit was built since 2011 and has a motto "The Highest Level of Lifestyle" because they offers good quality of imported branded goods and also export odds. No wonders if The Summit is one of a favorite tourist destination for fashionista from other cities.

5. Grande Fashion Gallery
Address: Jalan. H. Djuanda No. 118

Besides offering a high quality fashion product, Grande Fashion Gallery also offers you comfort while you're shopping. This factory outlet completed with a beautiful fish pond and cafe for relaxing after do the shop all day long.

6. Victoria
Address: Jalan H. Djuanda No. 111

Victoria Factory Outlet is located in a strategic area in Dago. You will find adults and kids clothes here and also other accessories.

7. House of Donatello
Address: Jalan H. Djuanda No. 104

House of Donatello is a local brand which focusing to market fashion product made by leather such as bag, wallet, shoes, jacket and other leather accessories. The price is affordable and visited also by foreign tourists especially from Malaysia and Singapore.

8. Level
Address: Jalan H. Djuanda No. 138

Level built in a spacious building, hence you don't need to worry about the parking lot space. All fashion product can be found here. This factory outlet is very fit for family shopping because they have kids playground and food court.

9. Blossom
Address: Jalan H. Djuanda No. 112

Fashion product in Blossom is various, starts from clothes, accessories, bag, sunglasses, shoes, flip flops, and many more. Besides shopping, you can also relaxing on the food court.

10. Seximo
Address: Jalan H. Djuanda No. 106

If you're looking for gown, dress for semi formal or formal party, this place is the answer!

Factory Outlet in Bandung
Zest Sukajadi BandungFactory Outlet in Bandung
Zest Sukajadi BandungFactory Outlet in Bandung
Zest Sukajadi Bandung