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Curug Maribaya

Curug Maribaya is only 15 kms away from Zest Hotel Sukajadi, Bandung and can be reach by driving through Jalan Dago Giri or Jalan Pagermaneuh for about 50 minutes or more, depends on the traffic.

Operational days and hours:
Every Friday - Sunday from 08.00 - 20.00

Maribaya Waterfall entrance ticket price*
IDR 35,000 per person

Maribaya Hot Spring entrance ticket price*:
Deluxe pool IDR 75,000 per person
- VIP pool IDR 150,000 per person
- Foot spa IDR 30,000 per person
- Private room Tirta Raga IDR 90,000 per person

Kolam Telaga Giri entrance ticket price*:
Fish pond IDR 20,000 per 30 minutes
- Fish catch pond IDR 15,000 per 15 minutes

Curug Maribaya or Maribaya Waterfall is a tourist destination in Bandung northern. To be precised in Lembang eastern. Curug Maribaya is still merges with Taman Hutan Ray Djuanda.

Curug Maribaya consists of 3 waterfalls; Curug Cikawari, Curug Cigulung and Curug Cikoleang. Visitors can come down under the waterfalls to play or just to take photos. You will also find Sky Bridge Tapak Halimun which built in leftside area and a favorite photo spot for a tourists.

Besides waterfalls, there is also an Ampitheatre Bale Pinton where visitors can rent it for wedding reception, family outing, corporate gathering and can accommodate up to 200 guests.

For visitors who wants to bathe in a crater hot spring, they can buy an additional ticket entrance.

*Prices are subject to change

Curug Maribaya
Zest Sukajadi BandungCurug Maribaya
Zest Sukajadi BandungCurug Maribaya
Zest Sukajadi Bandung