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Vihara Tri Dharma

Located in the downtown of Singkawang City, this temple seems to have become a landmark. Although not large, this temple is the oldest in Singkawang being established in 1878.

During the Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh, this temple is visited by thousands of Tri Darma people. They do not only come from the City of Singkawang, but also from other cities in West Kalimantan and major cities in Indonesia and even from abroad.

Before going around the city carrying out the ritual of cleaning the city of evil spirits, all Tatung or Loya (Chinese shamans) from inside and outside Singkawang City are obliged to ask for the blessings of Dewa Bumi Raya which is found on this temple.

Vihara Tri Dharma
Swiss-Belinn SingkawangVihara Tri Dharma
Swiss-Belinn Singkawang