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Nagoya, also known as Lubuk Baja, is the main town of Batam, Indonesia, and administratively a district (kecamatan), covering 10.8 square kilometers. The population was 80,780 in 2010 Census. However, like other fastest growing cities, Batam Island is becoming a continuous urban sprawl.

Nagoya Hill Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the region, you can find the most popular fast food restaurants such as A&W, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc. Wide ranges of home appliances, fashions, and electronic gadgets are also available. Hypermart is the only grocery store in the mall.

Right outside the mall, there are many small roadside eateries offering grilled seafood, satay, otak-otak, and other local fare. Foods are generally quite spicy.

Swiss-Belinn Baloi Batam