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Galang Refugee Camp

Galang Refugee Camp (Camp Vietnam) is located about 58 kms away from Swiss-Inn Batam and can be reach by driving through Jalan Trans Barelang for about 70 minutes or more, depends on the current traffic.

Galang Refugee Camp or called as Kampung Vietnam in Bahasa, is an 80 hectares refugee camp built in Galang Island, Batam decades a go. This refugee camp accommodate around 250,000 refugees from Vietnam that runaway from a savage war on 1975. In this camp, there were built complete facilities such as barracks, hospital, prayer building, school and even a jail.

For those who likes history tour, maybe like to visit this history site in Batam, because you will feel as you are visiting an old village in Vietnam. A lot of empty houses are left abandoned. Besides the houses, you will find Tinhn Han Loai statue, boat monument, Nghia-Trang Galang cemetery, Vietnam camp museum, Vihara Quan Am tu, Hospital Galang Site II and Vietnam camp jail.

Visitors are strongly suggested to visit this camp in the morning and to prepare enough meals and drinks since there are no restaurant.

Galang Refugee Camp
Swiss-Belinn Baloi BatamGalang Refugee Camp
Swiss-Belinn Baloi BatamGalang Refugee Camp
Swiss-Belinn Baloi Batam