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Wasur National Park

The Wasur National Park forms part of the largest wetland in Papua province of Indonesia and has been the least disturbed by human activity. The high value of its biodiversity has led to the park being dubbed the "Serengeti of Papua". The vast open wetland, in particular Rawa Biru Lake, attracts a very rich fauna.

About 70% of the total area of the Park consists of savanna (see Trans Fly savanna and grasslands), while the remaining vegetation is swamp forest, monsoon forest, coastal forest, bamboo forest, grassy plains and large stretches of sago swamp forest. The dominant plants include mangroves, Terminalia, and Melaleuca species.

2 hours driving to the south east from Swiss-Belhotel Merauke via Garuda Spadem Street, Wasur National Park is 66 kms away from Merauke.

Wasur National Park
Swiss-Belhotel MeraukeWasur National Park
Swiss-Belhotel Merauke