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Nyaru Menteng Arboretum

A lesser known Orangutan re-introduction center but no less important than Tanjung Puting is the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Re-introduction Center near Palangkaraya, capital city of Central Kalimantan.  The Center is located within the Nyaru Menteng Arboretum , which was originally meant only for rare vegetations. Today the reserve also includes a forest coservation area where captured primates are released to find their way back into the wild.

As a conservation center, The aim of the Nyaru Menteng Project is to rescue orangutans (and other protected primates) displaced from their habitat or held in captivity as illegal pets, and through quarantine and half-way housing release them back into their natural environment. Nyaru Menteng also aims to help protect large areas of untouched forest for this purpose. The Center has also been the subject of a number of TV series including BBC’s Orangutan Diary and Animal Planet’s Orangutan Island.

Nyaru Menteng Arboretum
Swiss-Belhotel Danum PalangkarayaNyaru Menteng Arboretum
Swiss-Belhotel Danum Palangkaraya