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Betang Traditional House

This Betang House is the creation of Dayaknese Tribe that lived in Kalimantan inland with group concept of life. At that time, Dayak tribes stay inland of Kalimantan and pass their live in group, together in a house called 'Rumah Betang' (Betang traditional house).

Betang has its unique points that can see from the elongated shape and there are only a staircase and entrance into the Longhouse. The stair which is used for enter to the Longhouse called 'hejot'. Betang has built in high position from the ground in order to avoid the trouble things for residents of the Longhouse, include avoiding enemies that can come suddenly, wild animals, or floods that sometimes hit the Longhouse. Almost all betang can be found on the outskirts of major rivers in Kalimantan.

Betang Traditional House
Swiss-Belhotel Danum PalangkarayaBetang Traditional House
Swiss-Belhotel Danum Palangkaraya