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At-Taqwa Great Mosque

Gate with the color gold bearing striking calligraphy two sentences creed is made ​​of glass reinforced cement (GRC) on stone granitenative of Brazil , dominates the facade (facade) building. White frames accentuate the golden color of the gate.

Six poles garden lights that adorn the entrance to the gate, as if to welcome the arrival of friendly guests of Allah. The entire floor and walls of the mosque using granite, as well as the pillars in the mosque. Pillars decorated with architectural ornaments Islam .

Unlike general building, part of the wall is not equipped with a closed window glass. Large window that is left open to let the air flow smoothly in and out of the mosque. The window is only given iron railings plus aesthetic elements made of brass with Islamic architectural design pattern.

Shade also strived to be presented in arenas outside the mosque by planting 10 trees palm in the side yard of the mosque close to the side of the road. The presence of two fountains in the right and left of the front of mosques, the complete beauty.

At-Taqwa Great Mosque
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