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Swiss-Belhotel Seef's Green Commitment

Regardless of who we are, where we live, and what we do, we all have a moral obligation to each other, and our future generations to sustain the planet. In a time where environmental stewardship is of utmost importance, Swiss-Belhotel Seef takes its sustainability efforts seriously. Our hotel has been actively engaged in a recycling program that extends beyond just bottles and papers, introducing a range of innovative initiatives that contribute to a greener future. From plastic bottles and papers to cartons, steel, and used cooking oil, Swiss-Belhotel Seef's commitment to recycling is truly a way to reduce waste and minimize its carbon footprint.

One remarkable step in this journey has been the hotel's partnership with a recycling company in Bahrain. On a monthly basis, the recycling company provides detailed reports on the number of recyclable materials collected from the hotel. This not only quantifies the impact but also serves as a motivating factor for the hotel's collaborators and management to continuously improve their recycling efforts. In 2023, the hotel has successfully diverted nearly 6000 kilograms of recyclable waste.

Our commitment to sustainability also extends to the guest experience. The hotel has replaced single-use plastic bottles of shampoo and shower gel with eco-friendly, refillable dispensers. This transition minimizes plastic waste and offers guests high-quality, sustainable amenities that align with global sustainability goals.

In the pursuit of creating a greener, healthier, and wealthier future, the Human Resources department has taken the lead in the creation of the “Go Green, Go Healthy, Go Wealthy” campaign, an initiative that embraces sustainability, well-being, and prosperity. The Human Resources Department at Swiss-Belhotel Seef shines a spotlight on their monthly "Go Green" campaign, featuring activities like beach cleaning and meat-free days. We’ve actively encouraged all team members to engage in a poster-making competition that showcases the various Go-Green initiatives embraced by the hotel.

Swiss-Belhotel Seef's commitment to recycling and sustainability exemplifies how the hospitality industry can proactively embrace eco-friendly practices. Through comprehensive recycling efforts, eco-conscious amenities, and engaging HR initiatives, the hotel reduces its ecological footprint, enhances the guest experience, and fosters a culture of sustainability, showcasing that even in the realm of luxury and hospitality, it is a responsibility that should not be overlooked.

Swiss-Belhotel Seef's Green Commitment
Swiss-Belhotel Seef Bahrain