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Exclusive Interview: Mr. Hadi Haj Ali with Fact Magazine

Explore an exclusive interview with Mr. Hadi, Cluster Director of Sales and Marketing at Swiss-Belhotel Seef and Swiss-Belsuites Admiral, as he shares insights on managing two hotels and navigating the dynamic hospitality industry with Fact Magazine.

How many properties do you manage and how do you ensure collaboration between all the sales and marketing teams?

Managing two distinct properties, Swiss-Belhotel Seef and Swiss-Belsuites Admiral Juffair requires a strategic approach due to their different niches and separate sales and marketing teams. I collaborate with each team through strategic planning sessions to define and reinforce their unique selling points, while also respecting the features of each property and maintaining confidentiality between them.

Clear and open lines of communication serve as the backbone of our success, ensuring that ideas are exchanged seamlessly, challenges are addressed proactively and everyone is on the same page. By fostering a collaborative environment, we empower our teams to work cohesively towards shared objectives.

What unique challenges do you face with Bahrain’s growing hospitality scene?
It presents both opportunities and challenges. One unique challenge is managing the increasing number of hotels in the pipeline. The saturation in the market, with numerous accommodation options, necessitates strategic efforts to differentiate and attract diverse customer segments.

To address this, the focus should be on diversifying the customer base. One way to achieve this is by hosting more international and global exhibitions. These events can draw in business travellers, contributing to the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) segment. By actively promoting Bahrain as a venue for conferences and events, the aim is to not only attract a varied clientele but also to position the destination as a dynamic and appealing choice for both business and leisure.

How long have you been in Bahrain and what’s your favourite thing about living and working here?
I’ve been residing in Bahrain for eight years and what I love most about this place is its people. Bahrainis are incredibly friendly and approachable; they stand out as some of the most pleasant individuals I’ve encountered. As an expat, living and working here definitely creates a sense of belonging.

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Exclusive Interview: Mr. Hadi Haj Ali with Fact Magazine
Swiss-Belhotel Seef Bahrain