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MĀUA Nusa Penida

Jalan Gamat Bay, Nusa Penida Island, Klungkung, Bali , Indonesia
MĀUA by Swiss-Belhotel is a 5-star resort, located in Nusa Penida island, nestled on the hilltop of Gamat Bay.

Built by a group of Frenchmen who love Bali - the landscapes, the culture, and the people, MĀUA Nusa Penida offers 25 Villas with private pools enshrined in a hilltop towering Gamat Bay, the energetic Nusa Ceningan channel. In the distance, the East Bali coastline dominates by Mount Agung. Its location allows enjoying simultaneous views and sounds of the ocean and the jungle.

Designed by French Architect Pascal Mory, specialist of Le Corbusier, MĀUA Nusa Penida becomes one with nature by combining a concrete modernistic architecture, the original limestone terraces, and Nusa Penida flora in iconic landscaped terraces and gardens.

The constructions are placed between heaven and earth, tend to disappear into the hillside in total harmony with the natural environment.

The arrival experience is unique through a water mirror and an avant-gardist reception desk. As wellness will progressively grow to become the core of the guest experience, the resort also comprises a spa and a spacious pool area, with a restaurant and bar, to enjoy quality food and drinks and socialize while enjoying the unique hilltop views.


MĀUA comes from Te Reo Maori, the indigenous language of the Maori people of New Zealand. Maori are involved in developing harmony, relationship, and environmental understanding and appreciation that sits as the core of the MĀUA brand.

MĀUA as a brand features the special environmental relationship of a resort or hotel complex. It relates to sustainability, environmental preservation, and cultural understanding where guests will experience the unity of the natural elements, bringing together the strength and hospitality of the people serving and enhancing the guest experience.

MĀUA is the created state of togetherness and the willingness to strengthen our commitment to the natural environment. MĀUA is focusing on being environmentally friendly, aiming at reducing the carbon footprint, classified as a natural habitat, and surrounded by natural elements.


At the MĀUA by Swiss-Belhotel, we believe in caring for the people and the planet. As part of our commitment to protect and preserve nature, MĀUA is focusing on sustainability / environment sustainability, which is discrete but present throughout the resort complex, the building to the interior aspects that include recycled ironwood furniture, and incorporation of passive cooling and thermal insulation at each villa.

All villas and the hotel building also utilize rooftop gardens. It's known as green roofs (eco-roofs) that provide habitat for birds and insects, sequesters carbon dioxide and other pollutants, purify the air, produce oxygen, returns the air moisture and coolness through evapotranspiration. Green roofs can reduce noise pollution because they absorb sound, with both substrate and plants contributing. The hard surfaces tend to reflect sound rather than absorb it. It is a natural way to reduce energy consumption by lowering the thermal absorption and improving the internal comfort of buildings.

MĀUA Nusa Penida controls as much as possible to reduce recycled paper for all printed guest collateral and utilizes greywater recycling. We use no plastic elements and emphasize internal/external e-communication.

MĀUA Nusa Penida