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1. Become an AirAsia BIG member (
2. Stay in our hotel or become a Swiss-Belhotel Executive card member. Click here
3. Start earning AirAsia BIG points

Points information:

1. Earn 200 AirAsia BIG Points for every booking via
2. Earn 300 AirAsia BIG Points for every direct booking via the hotel - walk-in, phone, email
3. Earn 100 AirAsia BIG Points for a minimum spend of Rp 200,000 at BaReLo
4. Earn 100 AirAsia BIG Points for every purchase of 4 cans/ bottles of beer
5. Earn 50 BIG Points on cigar purchase
6. Earn AirAsia BIG Points on wine purchases
   a. Rp 400,000 - 300 AirAsia BIG Points
   b. Rp 1,000,000 - 800 AirAsia BIG Points
7. Earn 75 AirAsia BIG Points on cake and/ or pastry purchase (minimum spend of Rp 150,000)
8. Earn 5,000 AirAsia BIG Points on confirmed social events - birthday, private gathering
9. Earn 10,000 AirAsia BIG Points for every confirmed wedding events (minimum spend of Rp 40,000,000)
10. Become a Swiss-Belhotel Executive Card member and earn 10,000 AirAsia BIG Points!
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Terms and Conditions:

1. AirAsia BIG Points apply to bookings made via direct booking to the hotel or

2. Eligible rates are as follows:
a. Rack Rate or Published Rate
b. Best Available Rate
c. Website Rate
d. Corporate Rate (Non Special Rate)
e. Government Rate (Non Special Rate)

Points are not valid if the member stays using:
a. Airline Employee Rate
b. Inter-company or employee discount rate
c. Zero rates as result of frequent traveler awards
d. Complimentary, free, barter
e. Gift Certificates or other awards or discounts
f. Online Travel Agents
g. Offline (wholesale, package, tour operator)
h. Travel industry discount
i. Promotion, special discounted and long stay rates
j. Government/Corporate Meeting/Conference group member

Start earning AirAsia BIG points today!
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