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How to Create an Amazing Team Bonding Experience in Brisbane

Incorporating team building activities into your business can have a whole host of positive effects on your workplace. Team building can help foster better communication and collaboration in the office, create a culture of fun within your workplace to keep your employees happy, and lead to increased productivity and performance. Some employees cringe at the thought of team building exercises, but it doesn’t have to be a formal event. The best way to get your employees communicating and forming relationships is in a fun and relaxed environment. Below we look at the top indoor and outdoor team bonding experiences around Brisbane.

1. City Scramble

Brisbane’s sunny weather is something that can be taken advantage of when it comes to team building activities. The City Scramble involves teams being given an instruction booklet explaining where and when various activity stations are held. Teams have to travel to different areas on time and complete the tasks at those locations. The activities could be anything from creating human pyramids, to answering trivia questions about the local area.

Working together to navigate around Brisbane requires good communication between team members, time management and leadership – all skills that can be taken back into the office. Overall, the activity takes three to four hours so is perfect for a Friday afternoon or end of the month team event, and teams of any size can be formed, so it’s suitable for companies big and small.

2. Corporate Chef

For an indoor event, try taking the team for a cooking challenge. Corporate Chef is your very own mini Masterchef. It requires teams to design and prepare a signature meal and dining experience for a panel of judges. The teams will need to delegate tasks among different members responsible for gathering ingredients from the shop, the designers decorating the dining room, the cocktail waiters preparing the drinks accompanying the meal, and the chefs.

The experience sees teams working together, with everyone taking on a responsibility, so nobody is left out. It gives a chance for employees to show off some skills they have outside of work, plus, you can amp up the competition by rewarding the winning team, creating extra incentive for your employees to work well together.

3. Art in a Day

Similar to the cooking competition, Art in a Day is an opportunity to explore the creative potential of your employees. Teams will come together to combine primary colours and stroke techniques to create their very own masterpiece. The activity allows for groups of 5 to 500 so is suitable for any sized business and runs for two to three hours.

You can even create a competition, where the managers determine their favourite piece of art to hang on a wall in the office. The prize of seeing their work valued in the office will be rewarding for your employees and a great talking point for staff at work.

4. Trivia Challenge

For a team bonding experience that works the mind, rather than the hands, a trivia day is perfect. The event features a range of questions on different topics, as well as games and mystery challenges that encourage teamwork and collaboration. There is no limit on the size of teams, making it an ideal experience for any sized company. Add some drinks and snacks and you’ve got a really enjoyable social experience to bring your employees together in a fun and relaxed environment.

5. Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt is a popular choice for corporate team bonding in Brisbane as it promotes skills valued in the workplace including teamwork, communication, problem solving and observation. Employees are split into teams of two to six and are locked in a room they must escape from. Playing the role of a famous detective, teams have 60 minutes to gather clues, find keys, crack codes and solve puzzles in order to escape the room before the time runs out.

6. Bikes for Tykes

One of the most rewarding and meaningful team bonding experiences you can get involved with in Brisbane is Bikes for Tykes. This activity involves working together to build a small bikes that will be donated to a local children’s charity. Teams will complete a series of tasks and challenges in order to earn the pieces they will use to make their bike, and once all pieces are collected, the building beings. A qualified mechanic will give the bike a once over and approve it before it judged. Your employees will be more than willing to get involved in an activity that supports a charity, and becoming involved sends a positive message about your company’s culture.

Find the perfect activity for your employees

Whether your employees love getting outdoors, or prefer being creative in an indoor setting, there are a number of amazing team bonding experiences across Brisbane. Choose from one or more of these experiences and watch as your employees start to build stronger relationships better communication skills that are carried with them back into the workplace.

How to Create an Amazing Team Bonding Experience in Brisbane
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