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Brisbane Skydive

Feel the adrenaline rush of free-fall with this great value Brisbane skydiving experience from 14,000 feet - the maximum legal allowable height in Australia!

Join Brisbane's best skydiving company - owners of an impeccable safety record - and embrace the thrill of this must-do experience; you'll have a safety briefing and then climb aboard a custom-built skydiving aircraft and ascend into the skies above the Brisbane region, taking in the amazing beach views as they unfold below. Once you've reached the appropriate height, it's one... two... three and out the door as you'll get up to a minute worth of free-fall before the chute opens and your tandem instructor glides you gently to the ground as you cap it all off with a beach landing at Redcliffe as Bribie Island and Moreton Bay surround you in both directions.

Beginners are welcome as absolutely no skydiving experience is necessary - all you need to bring is your sense of adventure!


Brisbane Skydive
Swiss-Belhotel Brisbane, South Brisbane