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Experiences around Zest Hotel Sukajadi Bandung

Experiences around Zest Hotel Sukajadi Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java, Indonesia. It is located on a higher elevation, about 180 kilometers southeast of Jakarta. There is a connecting flight from Jakarta or Bali to Bandung, but it is more interesting to get to the city by land. Either you drive or take a train you'll be entertained with views of ricefields, rivers, and small towns in West Java.

The mountain range surrounding Bandung results in a cooler climate compared to other places in tropical Indonesia. Bandung hosts a wide range of natural scenery, including massive tea plantations, dormant volcanoes, and hot springs. Bandung is also well known for Sundanese arts and folklore. You can enjoy Bandung’s natural and historic places of interest during the day, then certainly kick back and relax in the evening with Bandung's irresistible nightlife. Both travelers and residents are fans of the variety of food in Bandung.