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Outside Catering

Experience dining-in at four-star hotel without having to leave your house or office.

Starting from IDR 5,500,000nett
Minimum reservation of 30 guests

Additional starting from IDR 150,000nett per guest

Order your meals and pick them up at our Drop Off area

Á La Carte | IDR 50,000nett per portion
Kids Package: Mie Goreng served with Chicken Nugget or kids’ serving-size Spaghetti Bolognese
Mie Goreng Jawa
Nasi Goreng Kampung
Nasi Goreng Teri
Nasi Rames Menu A: Steamed Rice served with Fried Chicken, Tofu Bacem, Tempeh and Long Beans Stir-fry, Sambal, and Crackers
Nasi Rames Menu B: Steamed Rice served with Fish with Dabu-dabu Sauce, Tempeh Bacem, Vegetarian Chinese Stir-fry, Sambal, and Crackers
Rice Bowl: Steamed Rice with choices of Beef Yakiniku, Chicken Teriyaki, or Fish Kway Teow Noodles with Chicken

Traditional Caesar Salad | IDR 50,000nett
Tempeh Mendoan | IDR 50,000nett per 10 slices
Buffalo Wing | IDR 55,000nett
Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce | IDR 55,000nett
The Café Club | IDR 55,000nett
Chocolate Brownie | IDR 58,000nett per box
Martabak Kubang | IDR 70,000nett
Mini Pizza: 20" Pizza with choices of Margarita and Meat Lovers | IDR 70,000nett
Sweet Martabak: 28" Sweet Martabak with five kinds of topping | IDR 139,000nett

Besekan & Rantangan
Rice served in besek (serve up to 3 guests) or rantang (serve up to 5 guests with free delivery) with Vegetables, Side Dish, and choices of Chicken, Fish or Beef
Besekan with Chicken or Fish | IDR 150,000nett
Besekan with Beef | IDR 180,000nett
Rantangan with Chicken or Fish | IDR 300,000nett
Rantangan with Beef | IDR 350,000nett

Le Minerale | IDR 15,000nett
Chilled Juice | IDR 25,000nett
Hot or Iced Coffee | IDR 25,000nett
Hot or Iced Cappuccino | IDR 30,000nett

And savour these four-star hotel’s á la carte feasts freely delivered to your door and served at your table back home.

Black Pepper Crab | IDR 108,000++ per portion
Singapore Prawns | IDR 128,000++ per portion
Roast Chicken | IDR 288,000++ per whole
Salmon Coulibiac | IDR 1,258,000++ per loaf
Beef Wellington | IDR 1,558,000++ per loaf

++ Prices are subject to 21% government tax and service charge

For further information and reservation:
Telephone: +62 21 2937 6828

Outside Catering
Hotel Ciputra CibuburOutside Catering
Hotel Ciputra CibuburOutside Catering
Hotel Ciputra Cibubur