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Australia is the land of plenty in every respect!  The sun, the surf, the farm, the sport – The Gold Coast, Bondi Beach, Merinos, the Melbourne Cup!  And that’s only a small sample of the Aussie offering for visitors to this great and proud sport-loving nation. And just like the Boomerang of the indigenous Aborigine, you’ll want to come back, time after time.

Australia features major modern cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, beautiful harbours, endless white and golden sand beaches, tropical rainforests, rich broad-acre farming lands to fertile grazing high country, massive flat desserts to mountainous snow-fields, and it’s rich in natural resources such as coal and iron ore.

There’s no other country on earth like New Zealand that offers such diversity for the visitor in action and interest terms, and being on such a tidy footprint makes it a fantastic holiday destination. There’s just so, so much to do and see that deciding what not to do during your visit might be your greatest problem. There are certain locations on the South Island where one can stand perfectly still and take in a beautiful coastline, the surf, a bustling city, snow capped mountains in the distance, and below, some of the most fertile farming plains in the world, and all of it from the one spot!  

New Zealand has to be the most picturesque country on the planet.

The visual beauty of the farming plains, vivid green to glowing gold with the season, nestled under towering snow-capped volcanic mountains with their ancient glaciers that power ice-blue waterways rushing through magically lush valleys – it’s little wonder movie-makers are drawn here time and again to create their mythical worlds like ‘Middle-earth’ in big-screen productions such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy.  

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