Unique Ways to Travel Around the World

There are lots of ways to travel around the world, so if you’ve been dreaming of making a global trip, make sure you are planning your journey to be meaningful in more than a superficial way. Don’t just travel around the world in a cookie cutter fashion; rather, see the world the way that bests suits you, and your trip will likely change your life. The following are some of the more unique ways to make your way travelling around the world.


There is no better way to travel around the world than by volunteering at places all the way along. Volunteering will often give you access to situations that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter, making the experience well worth your labour. Volunteering for an aid agency is sometimes the only way you can be granted permission to visit some countries, and is a fantastic way to be able to make your way to some of the most remote and inaccessible corners of the world. You can always reward yourself and break up your volunteering stints with the occasional stay at luxury beach resorts.

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

If you are a hands-on type of person and a fan of doing things the environmentally friendly way, WWOOFing may be the solution to how you are going to make your way around the world. The way it works is that you pay a membership fee and then get connected with hosts, and in exchange for four hours of labour around the property, you are provided food and accommodation, and hopefully also learn something about organic farming along the way. People have travelled for years around the world WWOOFing, never paying for accommodation and helping to keep organic farms running, wherever they may be.

House swapping

For those who have a nice house and who want to be able to stay in similarly nice houses in other parts of the world, house swapping provides a fantastic opportunity to see the world in a comfortable way. Some people even swap jobs as well, so you can essentially be relocating your entire life around the world.


Many countries don’t let you visit for more than a brief stay unless you are on a work or study visa, making study visas a tremendous way to make your way around the world. Even just studying the same thing in many parts of the world will teach you something different each time, so you’ll become an expert in your field by the time your trip is done. You will almost always have at least some time off your studies too, enabling you to check out all the best luxury resorts and tourist highlights in the area.

The way you choose to do your round-the-world trip will have a big impact on the kind of experience you will have. Regardless, visiting a place with a purpose always seems to make a travel experience far more meaningful. Doing a round-the-world trip can be one of the most meaningful experiences in a person’s life, so think carefully about what kind of adventure yours could be, and start looking into what might be involved in pulling it off.

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