Top Luxury Travel Trends for 2012

For seasoned travellers, a luxury travel vacation can be the ultimate peak experience. These are some of the major trends, styles, and destinations that are shaping up for 2012.

1. Luxurious Resorts in Undiscovered Locales

One of the most popular trends is luxury travel in undiscovered locales. Travellers are opting for luxury resorts in exotic and novel locations such as South America, Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Staying at luxurious Malaysia hotels and hotels in other idiosyncratic destinations means travellers can enjoy an authentic and unique escape without compromising on comfort, great food, and enjoyment.

Some ideas for ‘off-the-radar’ locations include:

  • Eastern Europe: Albania and Serbia
  • Greenland
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kuwait and Qatar. Whether it’s Safar hotels or Doha hotels, those seeking a luxury experience won’t have difficulty finding luxury accommodation.
  • Asia: the undiscovered corners of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam
  • South Africa

2. Authentic and Novel Experiences

Rather than planned tours and guided trips, luxury travellers are looking for authentic and novel experiences, seeking experiencesthat take them well beyond the ordinary.In many cases, they’re happy to splurge for a new experience. Personal expert guides, one-on-one trips, or specially designed personal development or spiritual growth trips are at the top of the list.

3. The BRICS

Brazil, Russia, India, and China: the BRICS are shaping up to be some of the most exciting destinations for luxury travel. These countries are characterised by rapidly developing economies, a huge geographical reach, diverse populations, and strong cultural legacies and rich histories, making them wonderful destinations for luxury travel.Visitors can expect to experience untrodden travel paths, and some may even have life-changing adventures.

  • China: Other than the big metropolises of Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin, make time for culturally-rich cities such as Wuhan, Chungchun, Heifei, and Nanjing.
  • Brazil: Sao Paulo, Amazonia, Brasilia, and Rio de Janeiro are some of the most famous destinations.
  • Russia: Christmas in Moscow is said to be an unforgettable experience, and Saint Petersburg is likewise rich in monuments, cathedrals, and grand palaces.
  • India: This beautiful and diverse country is home to six distinct regions, each like a country unto themselves.

4. Off-Season Travel

Travelling when everyone else is not is also shaping up to be a luxury travel trend. Beating the crowds means you’ll have a trip that few others might have already had. It also reduces waiting times at the popular attractions.

Visitors with a large travel budget can then take the time to explore their destinations in detail, absorb the local rhythms, make local friends, and make new discoveries that travelling during peak-periods may not afford the time for.

5. Vow Renewals

As baby boomers reach major wedding anniversaries such as silver, pearl, and ruby, luxury vow renewal trips are growing in popularity. Travelling to unique and luxurious locales are characteristic of these journeys in which couples travel together, renewal their vows, and see some of the country.

Popular vow renewal journeys include:

  • Hindu temples in India or Indonesia
  • A Buddhist temple in an East Asian destination
  • Beachside ceremonies in Hawaii, Vietnam, Thailand, or South America

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