Top 10 Travel Gadgets You Can’t Leave Without

There’s nothing better than heading off on a big adventure, and taking all of the right travel gadgets can make your trip way easier and far more fun. Even the best hotel packages or luxury resorts won’t provide your travel gadgets for you, so start getting yours together well before your trip. The following travel gadgets should have a place in everyone’s travel pack.


Whether you’re going camping or not, having a reliable, hands-free mobile lighting system is extremely handy on any and all adventures. For reading before bed in the hostel, surviving a blackout or finding your pants in the tent, there are few travel gadgets as handy as a headlamp.

Money belt

It’s always good to be smart and safe with your money when you’re travelling, and a money belt makes this as easy as possible. Be smart with how and when you access your money belt though, because otherwise you’ll be undermining its purpose.

Quick dry towel

If you’re travelling for more than a couple of days, space in your pack will likely be at a premium, so saving yourself room on your towel is a brilliant move. Full size towels take up a lot of room, making these super-absorbent, fast-drying towels a good way to make a bit of space.

Water filter

Having a portable water filter is a smart idea if you’re going anywhere that the water quality may be a bit questionable. Simple hand pump systems make it easy to make sure you won’t be getting sick from your drinking water on your travels.

Portable gas stove

If you’re tired of just eating sandwiches and crackers on the road, a portable gas burner will make it easy for you to be able to have hot food at your picnics or on camping adventures.


A good multi-tool can be a lifesaver in numerous situations, so find one with features that you think you may need, and make sure it’s always with you in your day bag.


Even in the city, it’s good to know which direction is which for basic navigational purposes. Having a compass on you takes up next to no room, and can be extremely handy — though don’t forget to calibrate it!

Bottle opener

A handy, old-school kitchen gadget, which you’ll definitely need on the road. Chances are you’ll want to share a beer or two, or a glass of wine with people you meet along your travels, so make sure you’ve got a way to knock those tops off.

Compression bags

When you’re travelling, you end up packing and repacking a lot, so having a couple of compression bags will be amazing as far as saving yourself a whole heap of time and hassle packing.

Pelican cases

These super tough cases that can withstand anything are worth investing in for protecting any of your precious items. Travelling can be hard on your gear, so make sure nothing important is being damaged.

You don’t need gadgets to have an awesome time travelling, but they can certainly help.

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