Tips for Finding a Great Hotel

2012 Guide to the Hottest High-Tech Travel Gadgets

For keen travellers and corporate travellers who spend significant amounts of time on the road, running out of power, hurried dashes to find AAA batteries, or drinking water can seriously disrupt your itinerary. While Malaysia hotels and quality accommodation elsewhere provide travellers with basic amenities such as water and electricity, a few well-chosen high-tech gadgets can make all the difference between a successful trip or a delayed journey. Other than your smartphone, these high-tech gadgets will make your life on the road easier.

Portable Water Purifier

Visitors heading to far-flung destinations will find that a portable water purifier comes in handy. Effective water purifiers remove bacteria and parasites so travellers don’t have to worry about sickness or delays as a result of drinking contaminated water

While iodine-based water purification tablets are popular and convenient, there are a growing range of electronic battery-powered or plug-in water purifiers. Some of these devices can render water drinkable in a matter of minutes. Many of these purifiers are inexpensive and can be reused for an extended period of time.

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What to Look for in a Good Hotel

While accommodation preferences may vary between individual travellers, there are universal features that almost everyone looks for in their hotel of choice. These basic features will ensure that you have a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Here are seven key elements to look for when choosing a hotel for your next trip.
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