Best Times of the Year to Visit the Philippines

The Philippines really is a tropical paradise, though depending on when you choose to come, you can have a drastically different experience. While some parts of the year see picture perfect summer conditions packed with colourful festivals and tourist-friendly events, other times of the year showcase nothing but constant torrential rain. The following looks at when the best times are to visit the Philippines, and the times when you may be better off heading elsewhere.

The rainy season

Also known as the monsoon season, if you’re heading to the Philippines for its paradise summery locations, this is not the time to come. In the rainy season, it really can just rain for weeks at a time. Even though you might find some good holiday packages for the odd luxury resort, there’s a reason no one goes to the Philippines during the rainy season — it’s just too wet. If you genuinely like rain, this is your best bet for a cheap holiday, and you’re a good chance of getting rain every single day.

The dry season

Starting in December, the dry season in the Philippines goes until June, with the first few months being cool and dry, and then from around March until June, quite warm and dry. Even the cool temperatures are quite warm, with the temperatures throughout the dry season ranging from between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius — what most people would regard as perfect. March is the best time to come, as the weather is transitioning into warmer cycles; this makes it the most popular time to visit the Philippines, so book your accommodation well in advance.

The festivals

There are all sorts of festivals in the Philippines, many of them religious, and it’s well worth visiting the region when these special events are occurring. On Good Friday during Easter, you can see re-enactments of the crucifixion of Jesus all over the country, and the Araquio Festival, Ati-Atihan Festival, Sinulog, Dinagyang, Kaamulan, and Bangus Festival are well worth checking out too.


People in the Philippines are extremely kind and generous, as well as being (for the most part) quite religious, making Christmas the perfect time to visit. If you’re tired of the commercialised version of Christmas that is now celebrated in most western countries, you’ll love it in the Philippines, where it still seems to be about morals and values. If you celebrate Christmas, one of the best places in the world to do it is in the Philippines.

There are many reasons to visit the Philippines, and depending on which reasons you have for coming, some parts of the year will suit you far better than others. The best weather and the most festivals take place between December and May, with March generally agreed upon to be the best time possible to visit. Regardless of when you come though, you’re sure to enjoy a fantastic stay, with more people nowadays choosing to retire to the Philippines and live there full time.

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