The Fantastic Philippines

Best Times of the Year to Visit the Philippines

The Philippines really is a tropical paradise, though depending on when you choose to come, you can have a drastically different experience. While some parts of the year see picture perfect summer conditions packed with colourful festivals and tourist-friendly events, other times of the year showcase nothing but constant torrential rain. The following looks at when the best times are to visit the Philippines, and the times when you may be better off heading elsewhere.

The rainy season

Also known as the monsoon season, if you’re heading to the Philippines for its paradise summery locations, this is not the time to come. In the rainy season, it really can just rain for weeks at a time. Even though you might find some good holiday packages for the odd luxury resort, there’s a reason no one goes to the Philippines during the rainy season — it’s just too wet. If you genuinely like rain, this is your best bet for a cheap holiday, and you’re a good chance of getting rain every single day.

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Top Things to See and Do in Manila

The island nation of the Philippines consists of a staggering 7,107 islands in the South China Sea, in the area between Vietnam and Borneo. The capital, Manila, is a modern metropolis of over 20 million people in its greater metropolitan area. Manila is a city rich with Spanish and local heritage, having being the capital of the Spanish East Indies for over three hundred years. As in its neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, hotels in Manila can range in quality. Making arrangements to stay at a reputed chain is a good way to ensure a pleasant travel experience.


Intramuros is Manila’s oldest district. Built by the Spanish in the 15th century, it’s home to some amazing historical architecture, including moats, a fortress, and wonderful Spanish colonial houses. Some were ruined during WWII, such as the Governor’s Palace and Municipal Hall. Others, for example, the Archbishop’s Palace, San Agustin Church, Manilla Cathedral, Santo Domingo Church, the Hospital de San Huan de Dios, and San Nicolas de Tolentino Church, remain intact, and are currently used by the state or private companies. Intramuros also has some really excellent Spanish-Filipino and fusion restaurants.
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