Stunning Southeast Asia

Great Places to See Animals in Asia

Asia is full of all kinds of treats and treasures, and none more amazing than the animals. If you are an animal lover you are going to love Asia, as you will be able to get up close to some of the most exotic animals in the world. The following are some of the best places to go to get an amazing look at some magnificent animals.

Snow Monkey Park, Japan

Just outside of Nagano City is a fantastic opportunity to get to hang out with some of the world’s most unusual looking monkeys, the Japanese macaque. The area is known locally as Jigokudani-Yaenkoen, and it has a large natural hot springs where you will find around 150 of the bright pink-faced monkeys just hanging out and relaxing. It really is a sight unlike any other in the world.

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Great Value Destinations in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has long been a favourite destination for travellers from all parts of the world. Exotic, exciting, and filled with distinct sweeping landscapes and history, Southeast Asian destinations make excellent value destinations for budget conscious travellers, whether in terms of accommodation or other travel expenses. From Malaysia to Vietnam hotels, visitors can find accommodation to suit their budgets.


Bordered by Laos, Cambodia, China, and the South China Sea, Vietnam has grown to become of the most popular destinations for tourists in recent years. It’s not difficult to see why, given Vietnam’s rich colonial history, startling landscapes, beautiful coastline, and wonderful cuisine.

Vietnam Highlights

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds

Your honeymoon is one of the most special time in your life. Honeymoons come in all shapes and forms: a week or a month; a beach destination or a wildlife safari. Before you finalise your plans, consider these five novel honeymoon destinations for newlyweds.

East Asian Destinations


Vietnam is one of the most exciting destinations in East Asia. Wonderful local cuisine, lush landscapes, friendly people, and, of course, beautiful beaches make this country of 90 million a favourite getaway for travellers from all over the world. As a honeymoon location, it’s a spectacular and exotic place to celebrate your marriage, with wonderful hotels matching the levels of luxury offered in Doha hotels and hotels elsewhere.

  • Explore the historic Hanoi, culturally rich Ho Chi Minh City, or the well-preserved and charming Hoi An.
  • Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, and Vinh have popular beach resorts.
  • Don’t miss the stunning scenery of Ha Long Bay, Tay Nihn, Tam Coc, or Cuc Phuong National Park.

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Top 3 Southeast Asian Outdoor Adventure Destinations

Southeast Asia is often associated with laid-back beaches, bustling cities, and great nightlife. Yet, Southeast Asia is also home to some excellent destinations for adventure travellers. These are just three places to consider for your next Asian adventure holiday.

1. Explore the Forests of Borneo

Borneo is said to be the third largest non-continental island in the world. It’s divided into three main parts, occupied by Brunei, Indonesia, and East Malaysia. Malaysia hotels, like hotels elsewhere, can offer exceptional levels of convenience and comfort.

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Top 4 Southeast Asian Destinations

The countries of Southeast Asia have long been top destinations for travellers around the world. Great beaches, wonderful cuisine, excellent air connections, and booming regional economies make Southeast Asia a delightful place to visit, whether for business or leisure. We take a quick look at some of the top destinations in the culturally diverse region.

1. Malaysia

This multicultural country of more than 28 million is set in the South China Sea. From the towering skyscrapers and metropolises of Peninsular Malaysia to the tropical paradise in Malaysian Borneo, Malaysia provides a large variety of things to do and see that’s typical for Southeast Asia. For Malaysia hotels, or hotels elsewhere, it’s ideal to choose a reputable chain to ensure a good level of luxury and comfort.

Things to do and see:

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