The Rise and Rise of the Chinese Tourism Industry

The rise of the Chinese tourism industry has been staggering over the past 15 years, both in terms of tourists coming into China, and Chinese leaving to be tourists elsewhere. Being such a large country, this shift in dynamic is having a huge impact on global tourism, with China now the place to be for up and comers in the industry. The following is a brief look at the rise of the tourism industry in China.

Opening up

As China slowly but surely moves into the global market, business people from all over the world have begun pouring into China, helping to spark dramatic growth in its domestic tourism industry. As businesspeople have come to discover that China is an incredibly beautiful, friendly, historic and interesting place, this has led to an increase in regular tourists and even backpackers wanting to visit. Events like the Olympics in Beijing and other world-class sporting events such as Formula 1, tennis and golf have significantly boosted China’s profile, and in 2010 there were just under 56 million overseas visitors to the country. It seems that many people are finally starting to look past their own prejudices and stereotypes, and realise that China is a magnificent place and well worth the visit.

Easing of restrictions

As China has opened up a little more as far as business goes, it has led to a gradual easing of restrictions in other areas, such as social freedoms for the Chinese. China is still far from being a free society, though as restrictions have eased, Chinese people have taken advantage and started to explore more of their own country, with domestic tourism hitting 1.61 billion people in 2010. This newfound relative freedom of movement has sparked hospitality and tourism operators into life across the country.

Growing middle class

With the partial opening up of the Chinese economy to western and global financial markets, the result has been a rapidly growing middle class in China. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese have found themselves finally able to buy luxury goods or take holidays for the first time in their families’ histories, leading to a massive boom in domestic and international Chinese tourism. Areas like Australia, England and North America have seen dramatic increases in the amount of Chinese tourists.

Popular spots in China

Great Wall — This incredible structure has been drawing hundreds of thousands of tourists to China every year for decades now, and there has been no let up of late. This impressive wall is well worth the visit.

Forbidden City — Built in 1406, the Forbidden City was once the centre of Chinese Imperial power and strictly off limits to the masses. It served as the residence of emperors for almost 500 years, and is a definite highlight in Beijing.

China is a fantastic country — not to mention very, very large — and is home to some of the world’s most incredible cultures, natural landscapes and wildlife populations. Now that the world is finally starting to think about China, many like what they see, with this giant communist country now among the hottest world travel destinations. So if you’re looking for somewhere new to go on holidays this year, check out the holiday packages for China, as you might score an amazing deal on an incredible Chinese luxury resort.

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