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A Short Guide to Visiting Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers became well-known in the western world after their cameo appearance in the start of the first Gulf War, though these magnificent architectural monuments have been famous throughout the Arab world for decades. As a high-end place to hold an elite wedding or fantastic place to celebrate a milestone, the Kuwait Towers are a must see Kuwait highlight. The following is a short guide to visiting the Kuwait Towers.


The Kuwait Towers are located in Kuwait City, and these impressive structures can be seen from most parts of the city. They are located on Arabian Gulf Road, close to a host of luxury resorts and hotel accommodation, and are within walking distance of shops and restaurants. If you’re looking for some impressive accommodation in Kuwait, there’s more than one fine luxury resort right near the towers.

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Kuwait Travel Guide

Kuwait is a state in the Middle East bordered by the Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. With a population of over 3.5 million people covering a geographical area of 17,820 square km, this small and mobile oil-rich country appears as an ultra-modern oasis situated in sand and water. This business and economic centre offers an excellent range of cultural and epicurean experiences. Like Doha hotels or hotels elsewhere, hotels in Kuwait can offer an unrivalled level of luxury and comfort for travellers.

Kuwait at a Glance

Kuwait is best described as a city state, with around 2.4 million (69 per cent) of its population residing in the great metropolitan area of the capital Kuwait City.

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