What You Can and Can’t Take on a Flight

With the rise of global insecurity and terrorism, the world has become far more security conscious over the last decade. Whether you’re flying to a resort in Bali or a Qatar hotel, going by plane is now a far more serious operation. The following is a brief list of the items that you can and can’t take on flights — though to be 100 per cent sure, you should always check with your airline before you start to pack.

Carry on

Yes – The following items are usually allowed to be brought on board a flight in your hand luggage.

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How to Get Around Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia, and even though it become significantly more modernised over the past few years, travelling around Vietnam is still a wonderful mix of the old and the new. While the cities are beginning to look more and more like those in North America, there are still fantastic rural areas to explore, so make sure you make use of every possible way to check out this incredible country. The following is a brief guideline to getting around Vietnam.


If you’re short on time, getting around Vietnam by plane is reliable and relatively inexpensive. There are major airports in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hue, Na Trang, Dalat, Buon Ma Thuot, Hai Phong, Na San, Phu Quoc, Qui Nhon, Pleiku and Vinh. Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines are the main carriers.

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The History of Shadow Puppet Shows in Indonesia and Malaysia

Shadow puppet shows are historically important and continue to be incredibly popular in many countries. Although shadow puppetry has its origins in China and India, in Indonesia and Malaysia this form of puppetry carries much cultural significance and is full of tradition.

A little history

Shadow puppetry began thousands of years ago and is still used to convey folk tales and legends of the past. Many shadow puppetry performances have been developed around themes from Chinese operas and often take the form of religious epics in which good and evil do battle.

Greece and Turkey both have a rich history of shadow puppetry but plays in these countries are more often based on everyday life and employ features of physical comedy.

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A Short Guide to Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam has become one of the world’s most popular travel destinations — and for good reason. Hoi An is a beautiful city in Vietnam and is located to the south of Da Nang. Hoi An has a rich history and, by its previous name of Faifo, was a significant international port in the 1700s and 1800s. The foreign influences that have shaped Hoi An can still be noticed today.

The heart of the city…

Without question, the heart and soul of the city is the Old Town, a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site that is characterised by a series of winding lanes and shops that have a distinctly Chinese flavour. Although the Old Town has adapted to suit the needs and expectations of the many tourists that visit, the area is free of tall concrete buildings and has enjoyed limited renovation, construction and ‘development’. Instead, the Old Town has retained many of its unique and special qualities and continues to have a wonderful atmosphere that is particularly enchanting at sunset and into the night.

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The Most Amazing Malaysian Food Experiences

Visitors to Malaysia have the opportunity to try some of the most delicious, tasty and memorable meals in the world. Malaysia hotels and, in Qatar, Doha hotels offer a range of different dining possibilities that showcase some of the most amazing local food experiences. Here we take a look at different features of Malaysian food, including some of its most unique and notable dishes.

Essentially, a number of different types of ethnic food make up Malay cuisine. These include:


The influence of Chinese food in Malay cuisine is predominantly Cantonese in origin. Cantonese food is well-respected for its variety and the fresh ingredients that are used. Stir-fried foods made with a touch of oil are common, as are foods such as sweet and sour dishes, chow mein, wonton and spring rolls.

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Culture Experiences — from Jakarta to Bali

When people think of Indonesia, many automatically think of Bali — the holiday paradise to which people from around the world flock for fun, relaxation, great value for money and wonderful service and hospitality. Bali has always long been a popular holiday destination and Bali resorts offer travellers a range of great accommodation, leisure and culinary opportunities. However, as some of the most astute world travellers are realising, Indonesia offers a plethora of fabulous cultural experiences, not only in Bali but also the Indonesian capital Jakarta, located on the coast of Java.

Here we take a look at some of the travel highlights of the Indonesian capital with consideration of some of the significant cultural differences between Java and Bali.

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Great Value Destinations in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has long been a favourite destination for travellers from all parts of the world. Exotic, exciting, and filled with distinct sweeping landscapes and history, Southeast Asian destinations make excellent value destinations for budget conscious travellers, whether in terms of accommodation or other travel expenses. From Malaysia to Vietnam hotels, visitors can find accommodation to suit their budgets.


Bordered by Laos, Cambodia, China, and the South China Sea, Vietnam has grown to become of the most popular destinations for tourists in recent years. It’s not difficult to see why, given Vietnam’s rich colonial history, startling landscapes, beautiful coastline, and wonderful cuisine.

Vietnam Highlights

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Discovering Beautiful Jimbaran

Jimbaran is one of the most untouched locations in all of Bali. Situated just south of Ngurah Rai International Airport in the southern peninsula of Bali, Jimbaran was once a former farming hamlet. The village has undergone careful development over the last few decades, and today, while fishing boats are still plentiful, Jimbaran has been transformed into a luxurious and stunning destination for visitors from all over the world. In this article, we take a closer look at this beach town, and look at some of the most popular activities for travellers to Jimbaran.

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Bay is situated between Kuta and the Bukit Peninsula. Luxurious Jimbaran hotels line the tranquil local beach, which stretches for over three kilometres. Jimbaran beach is a strip of pristine white sand dotted with numerous restaurants and cafes, most serving some of the freshest seafood to be found on the island.

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The Best Travel Destinations in 2012

With major events such as the London Olympics and the European Football Championships, 2012 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for travel. In this article, we look at four of the best travel destinations to consider for 2012, with a focus on novel and unusual destintations.

Muscat, Oman

The capital and the largest city in Oman, Muscat is an exciting destination with a very strong historical heritage. Made up of three smaller towns (Matrah, Ruwi, and Muscat), that have merged over time, Muscat is filled with plenty to see and do, including traditional forts, palaces, museums, and mosques. Like Malaysia hotels and hotels elsewhere, accommodation in Muscat can vary. Staying at an reputable international chain can ensure that visitors enjoy excellent levels of comfort.

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Undiscovered Destinations of the World

Novel and unique, these off-the-beaten-path destinations are guaranteed to excite even the most seasoned travellers. If you’re a well-travelled globe trotter seeking a new travel experience, this list of five top undiscovered destinations may well inspire your next overseas adventure.

1. Batam, Indonesia

Batam is a city and island located in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. With a population of over 1 million inhabitants and a geographical hub to the Riau Islands, Batam is one of the top undiscovered destinations in South East Asia for travellers. Like Malaysia hotels and hotel elsewhere, hotels in Batam can offer travellers a comfortable base for their travels as they explore the rest of the Indonesian archipelago.

Batam Quick Facts

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