Magnificent Malaysia

The History of Shadow Puppet Shows in Indonesia and Malaysia

Shadow puppet shows are historically important and continue to be incredibly popular in many countries. Although shadow puppetry has its origins in China and India, in Indonesia and Malaysia this form of puppetry carries much cultural significance and is full of tradition.

A little history

Shadow puppetry began thousands of years ago and is still used to convey folk tales and legends of the past. Many shadow puppetry performances have been developed around themes from Chinese operas and often take the form of religious epics in which good and evil do battle.

Greece and Turkey both have a rich history of shadow puppetry but plays in these countries are more often based on everyday life and employ features of physical comedy.

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The Most Amazing Malaysian Food Experiences

Visitors to Malaysia have the opportunity to try some of the most delicious, tasty and memorable meals in the world. Malaysia hotels and, in Qatar, Doha hotels offer a range of different dining possibilities that showcase some of the most amazing local food experiences. Here we take a look at different features of Malaysian food, including some of its most unique and notable dishes.

Essentially, a number of different types of ethnic food make up Malay cuisine. These include:


The influence of Chinese food in Malay cuisine is predominantly Cantonese in origin. Cantonese food is well-respected for its variety and the fresh ingredients that are used. Stir-fried foods made with a touch of oil are common, as are foods such as sweet and sour dishes, chow mein, wonton and spring rolls.

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3 Novel Ways to Experience Malaysia

It’s often said that Malaysia is really two countries in one. On the west is Pensinsula Malaysia, home to the capital Kuala Lumpur, while Malaysia Borneo rests on the other side of the South China Sea with its pristine rainforests and untouched islands. Malaysia hotels can offer travellers the highest levels of luxury and comfort. With its cuisine, attractive natural landscapes, and bustling cities and markets, Malaysia presents novel experiences for any traveller. These are three novel ideas for your next Malaysia holiday.

1. Take a Culinary Tour of the Country

Malaysian food reflects the country’s multicultural heritage. There are at least five distinct cuisines within the country.

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5 Unique Malaysian Escapes

Malaysia is an exciting and multifaceted travel destination. This Southeast Asian country has two major regions: Peninsula Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. If you’re planning a trip to Malaysia, hotels the country can have been established reputable international chains which can provide the highest levels of comfort and travel convenience. These are five unique Malaysian destinations you might not have thought of.

1. Sepang

Chinese temples, the Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum, the stunning Malacca River, and the atmospheric Jonker Street are all must see places in this traditional and diverse district. Chinatown and Melaka Town Square are some of the most popular destinations for tourists. Only half an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, Sepang is a great base for business and leisure travellers seeking to experience the authentic Malaysia.

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Discover Kuala Lumpur – Travel Tips

From its humble origins as a small Chinese tin-mining village, Kuala Lumpur has developed into a busy international city of over 6.5 million people. Increasing numbers of visitors from around the world make time for Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia hotels offer the highest levels of luxury for visitors. Here, we take a closer look at this exciting and dynamic Asian city

To See

Kuala Lumpur has a striking skyline, especially when observed during sunset or sunrise. One of the best ways to experience the visual appeal of the city is to wander around and catch the small details.
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What to See and Do in Malacca

Situated on the west coast peninsular of Malaysia, Malacca is a modern city with incredible historical atmosphere and culture. A fishing village before its founding the last Raja of Singapore in 1400, Malacca was designated as a World Heritage Site in 2008. With its rich European, Chinese, and Malay roots, Malacca offers a unique experience to the traveller. These are just some of things to do and see next time you’re in Malacca. Like any other travel destination, when it comes to Malaysia hotels can vary in quality so be sure to secure your accommodation with a reputable hotel chain.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

This is the oldest functioning Chinese temple in Malaysia. Atmospheric and richly decorated, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple was built in 1645 by Kapitan China Li Wei King with materials imported from China and covers an area of over 4,600 square metres. The temple conforms to Feng Shui principles and is a popular place for travellers. Geok Hu Keng Temple is another highly regarded temple to visit in Malacca.
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What to See in Malaysia

Malaysia is a much sought-after tourist destination in South East Asia. With its tropical climate, lush landscapes and ultra-modern cities, this multicultural country provides a plethora of visual and sensory experiences for travellers. When choosing Malaysia hotels, make sure your choice of accommodation is geared for comfort and is well-located.
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