Your Luxury Getaway — 5 Key Factors

For the discerning traveller who wants to get away from the daily grind with a luxurious and opulent getaway, factoring in the following elements can help make their holiday especially enjoyable. From choosing stylish surroundings by choosing a great hotel to sampling epicurean delights and pampering yourself, these are the top five factors for the most luxurious and pleasurable getaway.

Stylish Surroundings

For the ultimate in a luxurious getaway, the traveller seeking the ultimate level of comfort should base themselves in stylish and attractive surroundings. Luxurious hotels often offer very competitive rates. They provide quality amenities and facilities. Often it’s useful to choose your accommodation with a well-known chain that guarantees opulence and comfort no matter where you travel to. For example, in Vietnam hotels can vary enormously in quality, so be sure to choose an established brand in hotels.

  • Whether modern or traditional, chic and attractive surroundings enhance enjoyment
  • Comfortable bedding and furnishing for effective rest
  • Well-appointed bathrooms add to your comfort
  • Great onsite facilities and amenities such as:
  • Spa or pool
  • Massage
  • Fitness facilities
  • Room service and laundry

Access to Hot Spots

Another essential factor in your luxury getaway is your proximity or access to hot spots. Whether you’re holidaying in a remote beachside resort or in the middle of an exciting metropolis, you want to be able to enjoy the hot spots, cultural areas, and scenic landmarks:

  • Upmarket shopping opportunities
  • Proximity or easy access to day trips to scenic and other essential must-do and see places for travellers, including cultural venues and events
  • Proximity to nightspots and lively nightlife

Great Dining

Which luxury getaway would be complete without great drinking and dining opportunities? Whether onsite, at your hotel or venturing further out afield, plan your luxury getaway by incorporating plenty of opportunities for great drinking and dining.

Gastronomy allow the traveller to experience and enjoy the local culture through the cuisine and oenology. Wherever you travel, there are new horizons waiting for your tastebuds. If you’re a serious gourmand, many destinations offer intimate cooking or gastronomic tours that take you on day or longer tasting trips to get you acquainted with the regional dishes.

Pampering and Indulgence

On a luxury holiday, a central priority may relaxation, and one of the best to achieving that is through concerted pampering and indulgence. Some ideas for both ladies and gentlemen include:

  • Massage
  • Spa treatments
  • Aromatherapy spas
  • Body wraps

Even the business traveller with little time to seek out opportunities for pampering and indulgence can find them in the most far flung destinations onsite at their hotel. For example, in Doha hotels often offer spa and massage sessions for their guests.

Leisure Activities

If all that pampering, eating, sightseeing, and shopping makes you restless, then incorporate some leisure activities during your getaway. You can get active with sports such as golf, tennis, swimming, diving, hiking, or anything suitable for your destination. Alternatively, you can consider getting out and exploring the city or destination with a day trip or a self-guided journey.

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