Incredible Indonesia

A Guide to Exploring Exciting Jakarta

Indonesia is a multi-faceted and diverse island nation. With over ten countries as close geographical neighbours, this archipelago – the largest in the world – is home to over 18,000 islands and more than 240 million people. Its capital, Jakarta, is the tenth largest city in the world and has been labelled Indonesia’s own NYC. A rich multicultural heritage, frenetic cityscapes, and a startling mix of the modern and the traditional makes Jakarta an exciting modern town to visit.

A City of Many Surprises

First time visitors may find Jakarta’s size and pace overwhelming. Beyond Jakarta’s busy veneer and glass and concrete towers are hidden gems to be discovered. Central Jakarta, for example, is home to must-see places such as the National Monument, old Batavia (old Jakarta), and the attractive Menteng residential area. As in other parts of world or the region, such as Malaysia, hotels in the city can range in quality, but fortunately, Jakarta has a strong luxury hotel presence for discerning travellers.
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