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The Rise and Rise of the Chinese Tourism Industry

The rise of the Chinese tourism industry has been staggering over the past 15 years, both in terms of tourists coming into China, and Chinese leaving to be tourists elsewhere. Being such a large country, this shift in dynamic is having a huge impact on global tourism, with China now the place to be for up and comers in the industry. The following is a brief look at the rise of the tourism industry in China.

Opening up

As China slowly but surely moves into the global market, business people from all over the world have begun pouring into China, helping to spark dramatic growth in its domestic tourism industry. As businesspeople have come to discover that China is an incredibly beautiful, friendly, historic and interesting place, this has led to an increase in regular tourists and even backpackers wanting to visit. Events like the Olympics in Beijing and other world-class sporting events such as Formula 1, tennis and golf have significantly boosted China’s profile, and in 2010 there were just under 56 million overseas visitors to the country. It seems that many people are finally starting to look past their own prejudices and stereotypes, and realise that China is a magnificent place and well worth the visit.

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Essential Travel Guide to the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall China is well-known for being one of the wonders of the world. Millions of people visit the Wall every year, making it one of the most popular travel attractions anywhere in the world. The Great Wall is best enjoyed with day trips from cities close by. If you’re having a stop over in Malaysia you will want to compare your Chinese accommodation to Doha hotels. As it’s ideal to stay with a reputable chain to ensure the highest levels of comfort no matter where you are travelling. This guide takes you through all you need to know for visiting the Great Wall.

The Great Wall of China – a Quick Snapshot

The Great Wall measures around 8,852 km in length, and because of its length, a persistent and popular myth is that the Great Wall is visible from the moon. Most visitors choose a specific region to visit rather than attempting the somewhat impractical task of trying to see the entire Wall.

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10 Step Guide to Travelling in China

China is home to 1.3 billion people, making it the single most populous country in the world. Covering a geographical area of some 9.76 million square kilometres, this East Asian country is a diverse and exciting destination for travellers and business visitors. From accommodation to culture and etiquette, our 10 step travel guide will provide you with a good overview for getting started with your next trip to this bustling and culturally rich destination.

1. Accommodation

Accommodation can vary dramatically in China. Budget hostels are widely available in the major tourist destinations. Luxury accommodation, as in Malaysia hotels and hotels elsewhere, rivals the best hotels anywhere in the world in terms of luxuriousness, facilities, and comfort. Major hotel chains can be found in the capital cities. As for Doha hotels or hotels elsewhere, great accommodation is key to an enjoyable experience in China.

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Quick Guide to Getting Around China for Travellers

China is a vast, diverse, and exciting destination for visitors. The third most visited country in the world saw 55.98 million people enter its shores in 2010. With excellent domestic airlines and one of the busiest rail networks in the world, travelling within China is easy with some pre-planning. In this article, we take a close look at the best ways travellers can get around the country.

Local Flights

China is a large country and often local flights are the best way to get from one city to another. There are many domestic flights every day that connect the key tourist spots and major cities. There are three international carriers; Air China, China Southern, and China Eastern, and regional domestic airlines servicing specific regions. Like Malaysia hotels or hotels elsewhere, China has a range of ultra-modern hotels that can offer the highest levels of luxury for visitors wherever they’re travelling in the country.

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Changchun Travels Tips – What to Do and See

Changchun, the capital of Jilin province, is located in Northeast China. A hub for China’s automotive industry, the city is relatively young by Chinese standards, having only been established 200 years ago. With its favourable weather and over 40 per cent of its landmass covered in forest, Changchun is a wonderful destination for travellers. Like other countries in Asia such as the Philippines and Malaysia, hotels in Changchun can offer luxury, comfort, and excellent amenities for business travellers.


Changchun literally means ‘long spring’ and the city is often called the Spring City of Northland by the Chinese in reference to its pleasant weather and distinct seasons. Average temperatures range from 27.6 degrees Celsius (81.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in July (higher range) to – 9.6 degree Celsius (14.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in January.

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The Magic of Wuhan

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province in Central China. This remarkable city, with a population of nearly 10 million people, is often considered the cultural and commercial capital of central China. Arising from a combination of three separate cities – Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang, today Wuhan is a modern and vibrant city with plenty to do and see. Under its rapidly modernising façade are strong historical roots. Like accommodation in neighbouring countries such as Vietnam or Malaysia, hotels in Wuhan can vary enormously in quality but excellent hotels are available for the discerning traveller.

Getting There and Around

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Ho Chi Minh City Travel Tips

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and the country’s capital. As Saigon, it was the capital of the French colony and only renamed Ho Chi Minh City in 1976. With its city centre located on the banks of the Saigon River, the metropolitan area is home to more than 9 million people. Like Malaysia hotels, hotels in Vietnam may vary in quality so it’s advisable to choose a hotel brand committed to exceptional service, quality and comfort for all of its guests.

Getting There

Tan Son Nhat is located in Ho Chi Minh City and is Vietnam’s largest international airport. Direct flights are available from major regional hubs in East Asia as well as airports in Europe and Australia. Tan Son Nhat is only 8 kms from the city centre. Buses and taxis are numerous, and rental car services are available.
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Your Exotic Chinese Holiday

China is one of the most exciting destinations for travellers. A vast and diverse country with 22 provinces and five separate autonomous regions each with their own distinct identities, a journey to China means an opportunity to experience just as many separate local flavours and cultures. Like in Malaysia hotels in China are numerous, ultra modern, and comfortable if you choose from a reputable chain. While it’s impossible to include all the amazing things to see and do in China in a single list, here is a brief tour of a few of the must-see places in one of the world’s oldest civilisations.
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