Discover Doha — Seven Things to Do

Doha, the capital of Qatar, is located on the Persian Gulf. With a population of around 1 million people, Doha is the largest city in the country and is home to 80 per cent of Qatar’s population. A popular destination for visitors and business travellers alike, Doha offers exotic travel experiences for anyone. The best Doha hotels can blend comfort with luxury for travellers, meeting your needs whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure.

Souk Waqif

Souk Waqif is an important market in Doha that dates back at least a hundred years. One of the most sought-after destinations in the city, its name translates to ‘the standing market’. This market is filled with wonderful traditional garments, wool, jewellery, perfumes, spices, handicrafts as well as local souvenirs. Other than finding a great bargain, try any of the dozens of international restaurants in the area.

Shisa lounges abound, as do art galleries and workshops. During holiday seasons, Souk Waqif hosts numerous local concerts. Whether you’re planning on getting lost in the winding alleyways or passing hours in the tiny stalls, the best times to arrive are fairly early in the morning or after 5pm as most stalls close between 1pm and 4pm.

The Corniche

It’s said that no Doha trip would be complete without a walk around the corniche, the area that lines the bay. One of the best ways to check out the fantastic Doha skyline under the palm trees as the walk from one end to the other. Don’t miss a great photo opportunity at the pearl in the oyster, the dhow wharfage, or trying lunch at the waterfront.

The Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art is a spectacular sight in itself. A stunning architectural feature in the skyline, the Museum itself is filled with centuries-old Islamic art. Allow for an hour or two to stroll through the two-floor Museum. Some of the highlights in its vast collection are the astrolabes, the historic time keeping and astronomical devices historically used to keep track of prayer times and the direction of Mecca. Entry is absolutely free.

Dhow Cruises

A dhow cruise is a must-do on your Doha visit. A short cruise on the water is cheap on any of the public dhows, and all you have to do is sit back, unwind, and enjoy the stunning water views. If you’re into fishing, you can find dhow companies that will take you out to fishing waters for half a day or more.

Villaggio Mall

The Villaggio Mall is a luxury mall that’s popular with locals and visitors. You’ll find many familiar brand as well as high end boutiques in its luxury wing. When you’re done with the shopping, try out the indoor ice skating rink. Other very popular malls in Doha include the City Center, Landmark, The Mall and the Royal Plaza.

Shisha Lounges

Shisha lounges are popular throughout Doha, and it’s customary for people to enjoy a drink with their shisha before or after a meal. Find a chilled-out shisha lounge to unwind with friends for a couple of hours – there are plenty in the Souk Waqif area.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is literally what it’s called. Numerous day-tour companies will take you and friends out on an exciting 4-WD adventure in the desert. The experience has been likened to a rollercoaster ride. Many tours will take you out before lunch and conclude with a meal at a camp in the desert.

These are just some of the popular ideas for travellers in Doha. Like Malaysia hotels and hotels anywhere else in the world, Doha offers plenty of choice for accommodation, but as hotels can vary in quality, it’s advisable to go with a reputable chain.

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