Changchun Travels Tips – What to Do and See

Changchun, the capital of Jilin province, is located in Northeast China. A hub for China’s automotive industry, the city is relatively young by Chinese standards, having only been established 200 years ago. With its favourable weather and over 40 per cent of its landmass covered in forest, Changchun is a wonderful destination for travellers. Like other countries in Asia such as the Philippines and Malaysia, hotels in Changchun can offer luxury, comfort, and excellent amenities for business travellers.


Changchun literally means ‘long spring’ and the city is often called the Spring City of Northland by the Chinese in reference to its pleasant weather and distinct seasons. Average temperatures range from 27.6 degrees Celsius (81.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in July (higher range) to – 9.6 degree Celsius (14.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in January.


Changchung is home to the Puppet Emperor’s Palace, or the Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State, which was the office home of China’s last emperor Puyi in the years from 1932 to 1945. The palace is a miniature of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Jingyuetan National Forest Park is filled with picturesque landscapes of mountain, trees, and lake. Covering a space of over 200 square kilometres, the park is the largest man-made forest park in the continent.

The Changchun World Landscape Park is worth a visit. Sitting on 60 hectares of natural forests and cultivated orchards, the park holds a mixed array of famous international landmarks. There is also a boating lake and parklands for relaxation. Fruit picking and nature walks are popular.

The South Lake is large park popular with local families for boating and water activities in summer and ice skating in winter. The park offers some excellent views of Changchun city.

Wenhua Square is filled with historical buildings including the New Palace of the Emperor of Manchukuo and other Japanese-era buildings. The Square is a popular public area to meet and hang out.


There are three key shopping hubs in Changchun: Chongqing Road, Guilin Road, and Hongqi Street. Chongqing Road is filled with department stores and clothing shops. There’s a Wal-Mart and Chartered shopping mall, which is one of the most upmarket shopping malls in Changchun. Guilin Road is a cosmopolitan area of town with many restaurants and shops. Ouya in Hongqi has plenty of electronics.

Food and Drink

Beer is cheap, plentiful, and usually of good quality in Changchun. There are plenty of local and Korean beers served at pubs, bars, and restaurants. Local iced tea is also popular as a summer refreshment. Changchun has many western-style pubs, many located on Yihe Road and Longli Road.


A variety of Chinese cuisine is available in Changchun. Other than hot pot, there’s plenty of Beijing, Shandong, and Sichuan cuisine available. The local dishes tend to revolve around rare ingredients or herbal themes such as ginseng, mushrooms, and other medicinal herbs designed to promote health and vigour. Famous dishes include deer meat in a pot and chicken in maotai wine. Popular areas to eat include the restaurant area need Shengli Park, Renmin Daijie, and Xinmin Dajie.

Day Trips

It’s easy to take short day or half-day trips from Changchun via train or bus. Harbin is four hours away while Shenyang takes two to four hours by train. Jilin city is close, at only two hours away. Like Doha hotels or hotels anywhere in the world, Changchun has a range of luxurious hotels designed to provide comfort to corporate or recreational travellers.

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