5 Breathtaking Middle East Vacations

Warm climate and exotic cuisine, ultra-modern cities with rich histories, the Middle East is a must-do place for keen travellers. For a unique experience, consider visiting the Middle East on your next holiday. These are five breathtaking middle east vacations to consider.

1. Istanbul

With over 13 million people in its metropolitan area, Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and known as the country’s cultural and business centre. Istanbul is set in a unique geographic location where its bridges Asia and Europe. Once the capital of the Rome Empire, there are historical and religious monuments and buildings to see, Turkish baths to visit, and traditional bazaars wander about in. Like Malaysia hotels and hotels elsewhere, accommodation in Istanbul can vary, so it’s best to choose carefully when making your booking.

Try a walking tour of the major areas, and don’t miss a doing a Theodosian walls walk. The Bosphorus cruise is also popular with visitors. Areas to visit in the city include Sultanahmet, Galata, New City, Golden Horn, the Asian Side, and the Western Suburbs. If you’re looking for a trip away from the city, try a day trip to the Princes’ Islands.

2. Israel

Bordered by Egypt, the Gaza Strip, Jordan, the West Bank, Syria, and Lebanon, Israel is an ultra-modern country that retains very deep historical and cultural roots. With a diverse population of nearly eight million, this land has fascinated millions of visitors.

What to do:

  • Jerusalem – the Israel Museum, Yad Vashem, the Garden Tomb, the Biblical Zoo.
  • Tel Aviv – a vibrant and exciting city. Museums, a great beach, markets, shopping centres, atmospheric restaurants and cafes, parks, and a range of historical and entretainment hubs.
  • Parks and reserves – Israel has a range of very well maintained parks and reserve.

3. Dubai

One of the most modern and progressive emirates in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is now a very popular tourist destination. Satwa, Karama, Bur Dubai, Deira, Juemirah, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Marina are just some of the must-visit regions.
Great souks (markets), cheap eats as well as upmarket restaurants, floating restaurants, and an array of shows, festivals, and events means there is no shortage of entertainment for visitors.

4. Qatar

Qatar is situated to the north of Saudi Arabia, east of Bahrain, and west of the Emirates. Covering a geographical area of almost 11,400 square km, this former British protectorate is an oil rich and very wealthy country.

The capital Doha has undergone stunning development, making it one of the most exciting cities to visit in the region. Take a walk alone its seaside promenades, visit the wonderful museums and markets, and try the exquisite local cuisine. Quality Doha hotels offer the highest levels of luxury and comfort for visitors.

5. Bahrain

Under 100 km from Qatar is the Kingdom of Bahrain, a stunning country that spans only 710 square km. This archipelago has a relaxed culture, wonderful shopping areas, pleasant seaside promenades, and an abundance of historical monuments and museums.

Bahrain is also a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoors. Dolphin watching, scuba diving, horse riding, bird watching, and even pearl diving are all popular activities in major cities like Manama. Don’t miss the National Museum, water parks, and the Al Dar Islands.

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