Unique Ways to Travel Around the World

There are lots of ways to travel around the world, so if you’ve been dreaming of making a global trip, make sure you are planning your journey to be meaningful in more than a superficial way. Don’t just travel around the world in a cookie cutter fashion; rather, see the world the way that bests suits you, and your trip will likely change your life. The following are some of the more unique ways to make your way travelling around the world.


There is no better way to travel around the world than by volunteering at places all the way along. Volunteering will often give you access to situations that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter, making the experience well worth your labour. Volunteering for an aid agency is sometimes the only way you can be granted permission to visit some countries, and is a fantastic way to be able to make your way to some of the most remote and inaccessible corners of the world. You can always reward yourself and break up your volunteering stints with the occasional stay at luxury beach resorts.

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Choosing the Right Travel Guide for Your Trip

Having an awesome travel guide can make all the difference on a trip, as they will be personally leading you through your adventure and a part of pretty much everything that happens along the way. If you love your guide, you will love your trip. However, there are good and bad guides out there, so make sure you are heading off with the best in the business.


Before you head off on your epic adventure, make sure your guide has some kind of training to be doing what he or she is taking you off to do. Having guiding credentials, wilderness first aid training, or any other training is far better than having nothing, so make sure you are not heading off into the middle of nowhere with someone who is doing this trip for the first time.

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Great Places to See Animals in Asia

Asia is full of all kinds of treats and treasures, and none more amazing than the animals. If you are an animal lover you are going to love Asia, as you will be able to get up close to some of the most exotic animals in the world. The following are some of the best places to go to get an amazing look at some magnificent animals.

Snow Monkey Park, Japan

Just outside of Nagano City is a fantastic opportunity to get to hang out with some of the world’s most unusual looking monkeys, the Japanese macaque. The area is known locally as Jigokudani-Yaenkoen, and it has a large natural hot springs where you will find around 150 of the bright pink-faced monkeys just hanging out and relaxing. It really is a sight unlike any other in the world.

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Tips for Travelling in Peak Travel Periods

Travelling in peak tourist season can try the patience of even a saint, but if you want to see some places at their best you have no choice but to go with the crowds. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare though, as you simply need to find a way to have fun while sharing these amazing spots with a lot of other people. The following simple tips will make travelling in peak season far easier to deal with.

Book ahead

As soon as you have firm travel dates, book as many aspects of your trip as you can in advance, such as the flights, resort accommodation, car rental, tours, etc. Peak season means there are going to be massive amounts of tourists all with the same idea as you, so make sure you aren’t left without a crucial element of your trip by booking it all well in advance.

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Best Times of the Year to Visit the Philippines

The Philippines really is a tropical paradise, though depending on when you choose to come, you can have a drastically different experience. While some parts of the year see picture perfect summer conditions packed with colourful festivals and tourist-friendly events, other times of the year showcase nothing but constant torrential rain. The following looks at when the best times are to visit the Philippines, and the times when you may be better off heading elsewhere.

The rainy season

Also known as the monsoon season, if you’re heading to the Philippines for its paradise summery locations, this is not the time to come. In the rainy season, it really can just rain for weeks at a time. Even though you might find some good holiday packages for the odd luxury resort, there’s a reason no one goes to the Philippines during the rainy season — it’s just too wet. If you genuinely like rain, this is your best bet for a cheap holiday, and you’re a good chance of getting rain every single day.

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The Rise and Rise of the Chinese Tourism Industry

The rise of the Chinese tourism industry has been staggering over the past 15 years, both in terms of tourists coming into China, and Chinese leaving to be tourists elsewhere. Being such a large country, this shift in dynamic is having a huge impact on global tourism, with China now the place to be for up and comers in the industry. The following is a brief look at the rise of the tourism industry in China.

Opening up

As China slowly but surely moves into the global market, business people from all over the world have begun pouring into China, helping to spark dramatic growth in its domestic tourism industry. As businesspeople have come to discover that China is an incredibly beautiful, friendly, historic and interesting place, this has led to an increase in regular tourists and even backpackers wanting to visit. Events like the Olympics in Beijing and other world-class sporting events such as Formula 1, tennis and golf have significantly boosted China’s profile, and in 2010 there were just under 56 million overseas visitors to the country. It seems that many people are finally starting to look past their own prejudices and stereotypes, and realise that China is a magnificent place and well worth the visit.

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A Short Guide to Visiting Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers became well-known in the western world after their cameo appearance in the start of the first Gulf War, though these magnificent architectural monuments have been famous throughout the Arab world for decades. As a high-end place to hold an elite wedding or fantastic place to celebrate a milestone, the Kuwait Towers are a must see Kuwait highlight. The following is a short guide to visiting the Kuwait Towers.


The Kuwait Towers are located in Kuwait City, and these impressive structures can be seen from most parts of the city. They are located on Arabian Gulf Road, close to a host of luxury resorts and hotel accommodation, and are within walking distance of shops and restaurants. If you’re looking for some impressive accommodation in Kuwait, there’s more than one fine luxury resort right near the towers.

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Top 10 Travel Gadgets You Can’t Leave Without

There’s nothing better than heading off on a big adventure, and taking all of the right travel gadgets can make your trip way easier and far more fun. Even the best hotel packages or luxury resorts won’t provide your travel gadgets for you, so start getting yours together well before your trip. The following travel gadgets should have a place in everyone’s travel pack.


Whether you’re going camping or not, having a reliable, hands-free mobile lighting system is extremely handy on any and all adventures. For reading before bed in the hostel, surviving a blackout or finding your pants in the tent, there are few travel gadgets as handy as a headlamp.

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Guide to Visiting Temples in Bali

Bali is home to over 10,000 temples, shrines and religious compounds, so if you’re coming here to check them out, allow plenty of time. The following is a brief guide to visiting temples in Bali.


Entry to temples is almost always free, though there will always be a donation box near the door, and you should be sure to make at least a small donation. Consider this the entry fee, as it is extremely disrespectful to not donate money when coming into the temple.

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A Quick History of High Speed Travel

When it comes to high-speed travel, it has always been fastest to catch a plane or a train. The following is a brief history of both forms of high-speed travel.


1830 — The line between Liverpool and Manchester saw the first record train speed of note, set at 36 miles per hour on its first run. After a VIP was injured at the track-christening event, the record speed was set in a valiant attempt to get him to hospital. Unfortunately, despite the record speed being set, the former Member of Parliament died.

1839 — An engine dubbed ‘Lucifer’ smashed the train speed record by clocking 57 mph in Staffordshire.

1889 — The Paris to Dijon line saw the train speed record broken once again, when a Thomas Crampton designed engine hit a top speed of 89.5 mph.

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